And i’m invisible (at least to Garmin)

Good morning!

I got my new running schedule yesterday.  I’m currently in week 6 and the new schedule takes me out to week 10.  Week 10 takes me to a long run of 6 miles.  Yikes!

I’ve been a bit laxed the past week or two and am trying really hard to be more strict with myself.

Yesterday was 2 miles.  After work I took the dog out and then headed out.  As an experiment, I put my garmin on the strap of my tank top instead of on my wrist.  I was attempting to put it somewhere where I couldn’t look at it easily.  Good in theory but somehow this didn’t bode well for my satellite signal and it ended up shorting me by about a quarter mile.  This really threw me off!

I was on a route i’ve done before and was pretty confident that it was 2 miles round trip, so when I got to what should have been the 1.1 mark and was only around .8, I was confused.  It wasn’t a great run for me due to that, but also because my shin pain kicked in.  I walked a bit and then managed to run the rest, actually feeling really good around what was probably mile 1.5.

Of course as soon as I got home I went on to to check.  It was 2 miles, phew.

Since the only thing I did differently was move the watch, I’m wondering if perhaps my big ol’ head blocked the signal.  Any thoughts?


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