5K Recap


This weekend was my first 5K in a long time.  I figure at least 4 years.

My training plan required a 5K right around now and due to schedule conflicts, I was somewhat limited.  I found one on the day/time I needed, not too far away, and at the price point I was OK with.  So I registered.

It ended up being somewhat informal, but that was OK.  It was also small.  My guess is 50-100 runners.

The route was nice.  Local roads, some hills, some shade, some waterviews.  It was more or less closed to traffic and easy to follow.

Armed with my garmin, my ipod, and my buff, off I went.  I started in the back of the pack and pretty much stayed in the back.  I was feeling good and when I checked my pace it was sub 10, which was a surprise.  Unfortunately this didn’t last. I definitely went out too fast and then faded some.  I need to remind myself that I am a new runner and it’s OK to be inconsistent, to start too fast, to be slow….

I ran the entire time, no walking.  So that’s good.  My pace varied from a 9:15 to an 11:20 at times.  Big range!  But again, I’m new.  🙂

My embarrassing story is that I wanted to give a final push for the last .5 or so.  I didn’t really have it in me, but I tried.  Then I got nauseous…very.  Then I coughed and realized I was going to be sick.  So right after mile 3 (seriously?!?) I had to stop and jog over to the side because it was going to get ugly.  Thankfully it didn’t actually get ugly, but it was close.  I took a minute or two and then finished my .1.  Seriously bad timing.  I did feel better afterwards so I guess that’s a good thing.

I’m just such a hardcore runner and was going to fast that I made myself sick.  Yeah right.

But I did it and I will do it again.

Here’s an unattractive picture of me after the run.  Note that I’ve never taken a “selfie” so it was interesting.


My training schedule for the next phase is coming sometime this week.  I’m a little nervous.  Will post after I receive it.  Have a good week!


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