My head is all over the place today.

Sunday was my longest run to date.  A whopping 3.5 miles!  (it’s a lot for me, but so little for so many others)

My training schedule calls for running 4 times a week.  I will admit that the past couple of weeks this has been tough.  I’m trying, but 4 times is a lot!

I definitely didn’t get my four runs in last week, but I still did the 3.5.  I had to stop and stretch my calves a little over a mile in, and then I did walk a little, but even with that, I completed it and my time wasn’t too too miserable.

According to my Garmin I had three accomplishments:  Fastest 5K, Fastest Mile, and Longest Run.  Thanks for the self-esteem boost Garmin!

What I Learned On My 3.5 Mile Run

  • I definitely prefer running in the street, as opposed to the sidewalks.  Sidewalks by me aren’t the most well maintained, so I spend a lot of time looking down to make sure I don’t trip
  • I need to better plan a route.  Just running until I hit 3.5 worked, but it wasn’t ideal.  The route in my head was only 3, so I ran around a few neighborhood streets to add mileage.
  • As the runs get longer and the weather warms up, I am going to have to get out there EARLY (because of temperature but also so there are fewer cars on the road).
  • Ending my run at home when I’m coming from one specific direction is MISERABLE.  My street is a pretty steep hill, so it’s never fun, but the street below mine is also a tough hill.  If I come in from the right, it’s a brief downhill before the final uphill.  If I come in from the left, it’s all uphill which has left me barely able to get up my street.
    • Being honest:  I’ve done the left twice and both times instead of finishing up my street, I kept running on the street I was already on, or turned around and ran a little downhill.  One day I will conquer it.  Just not yet.
  • I always have more clothes on than anyone else out there.  Plus I tend to look like a bank robber because until I warm up, I keep a neck wrap around my mouth and nose.  Maybe I can loosen up a bit.
  • I enjoy running alone.  I like the solace of it.  Maybe this will change as the distances increase, but for now, solo works for me.

My initial training plan is 6 weeks long and this is week 5.  I have a 5K on Sunday which will be my first 5K in about 4 years.  I’m definitely curious to see how it will be having other people around (ideally it will help me keep going).

I am happy that in four weeks I went from not running at all, to running 3.5 miles.  I’m definitely encouraged and curious to see what the next round of training has in store (although I’m totally nervous).  I get my new plan sometimes next week so we’ll see!

Thanks for reading and following me on my journey to run a half! 5.5 months to go!


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