Week and marathon recap


I got my “long” (2.5 mile) run in on Sunday and then headed up to MA for the Boston Marathon!!

Clearly I am not a marathon runner, but my sister is.  I am a marathon runner supporter.  I’ve been to NY, DC, and now Boston to support her.  NY isn’t such a big deal since it’s less than an hour from me, but the others have required dedicated travel, although Boston wasn’t too bad since it was drive-able.

We stayed in the Newton area because hotels in downtown Boston are insanely expensive for Marathon weekend.  Our hotel was really nice and close to a T line (although it was the last stop, so it made for a long ride).

I arrived on Sunday with a friend in tow and met up with my parents at Fanuel Hall to walk around a bit.  (My sister was back at her hotel resting.)  We all rendezvous-ed around 5:15 for dinner reservations at 6 and a very tasty Italian restaurant in the Cambridge area.

Yes, I’m pizza obsessed.

Dinner was delicious but the company was the best.

The morning of the race my sister began the long trek to the start.  I think it’s about a 40 minute bus ride (or something similar).  Once there there was a lot of waiting because her start time wasn’t until 10:25.

On the other hand, we woke up, had a leisurely breakfast and then finally started the walk over to the route.  It was about a mile or so to the route and we were stationed between miles 17 and 18.  It was a great spot and because it wasn’t in the city, it wasn’t too crowded.


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great for spectators.  I think it was in the mid 40s with rain.  Temperature wise it was good for the runners, but not so much for those of us standing still.

We were ready with signs.

This was my friend’s sign. 🙂
I thought this was hysterical, but didn’t actually hold it up much.

We caught the tail end of the elite women, but were right there for the elite men.


Some time later my sister came through.  We almost missed her, but thankfully she spotted us and we spotted her.  She looked GREAT!  (Side note:  during the Marine Corps Marathon, we saw her at 16 and she looked horrible and actually jumped out of the race, so we were really nervous about seeing her.)  We were THRILLED that she looked so strong (and happy!).

We stayed a bit longer and then started the trek into the city to meet up with her post-race.  The T was packed and took forever.  We think we were actually under the finish right around the time the finished.

The plan was to meet her at the movie theater in Boston Common.  We all assumed we’d meet her outside and were so pleased to see that the movie theater was letting runners and their families hang out in the lobby.  So great.

Finally she showed up.  Words couldn’t express how proud I was of her, but tears did. 🙂  What was great was that when she walked in to the lobby of the theater, we cheered, and there happened to be another large group and they started cheering too.  It was so sweet!


Her time?  3:15.  Crazy!

It was a wonderful weekend!!!

Have you ever been to the Boston Marathon?  Another marathon?


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