New month, new me (slight exaggeration)

It’s pretty much been ages since I’ve written.  There were the usual reasons, but I also had A LOT of travel happening.

Between February 22 and March 22, I was home for exactly 7 days.  Yes, 7 days.  Crazy.

I was away for work for about 10 days (mostly in Germany but also Belgium for a day), back for a week, and then off to Italy for a much needed vacation.

Work travel was eh, but vacation was wonderful.  Italy is an amazing country to visit and I already can’t wait to go back.  I’ll share some photos another time.

Upon getting back from Italy, I emailed my running coach to tell him I was back, and ready to get started.

About a week later he sent me my first 6 week training plan.  I was nervous to say the least!!  I felt like I was behind the ball from the start since I really hadn’t done much running since signing up for the half.

Thankfully the 6 week plan is very do-able.  Phew.

I received it on Sunday.  The schedule had me off on Monday.  So Tuesday (yesterday) was my first day of training.

On the calendar… one mile. Just one. Totally OK.

So yesterday before spin class, I hit the treadmill for my one mile run.  It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t miserable either.  What made it harder was that a) I despise the treadmill and b) I’ve been having some weird stomach issues since Sunday.  So I’d like to think that under better conditions (outside and with a happy stomach) it would be much better.

On the plan for today, another mile, which I will run outside after work.


On a related note, I really need to make a dedicated playlist.  I’m a Spotify user and right now I had been running to my “starred” list of songs, which is essentially a list of anything I wanted to flag or remember for future use.  While there are some great songs on there, there is also a lot of tabata songs, as well as cool down songs.  So throwing it on shuffle doesn’t always guarantee me a good song for running.

A few songs I’m loving right now:
Style by Taylor Swift (don’t judge, there’s something about the intro of that song that I love) – she’s not on Spotify though, so it’s only radio play
Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy – i’m loving stuff from their latest album
Marilyn Monroe – Pharrell – I will admit that the song is a bit too long, but the first 3/4 makes me happy

Any running song recommendations?


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