Tunes and an update

Good morning!

I’ve been away from blogging due to some work travel.  My apologies, although I knew it was coming and mentioned it briefly in a prior post.


As expected, my fitness activities were sidelined due to travel.  I made a quick trip over to Germany (quick trip and Germany shouldn’t be used in the same sentence) last week.  I arrived there Wednesday morning and flew back to the US early on Friday morning.  Quick trip.  I took a tiny suitcase and while I thought about bringing my sneakers and workout gear, I knew that a) it wouldn’t fit, and b) the days would be long and working out just wasn’t realistic.

I had brief visions of running around the streets of Frankfurt and then I snapped back to reality.  Running around a foreign country with no knowledge of the language probably isn’t a good idea.  Not to mention it didn’t even get light until after 8am.  I definitely talked myself out of that one (luggage limits aside).

Lucky me also managed to get sick during my quick trip.  I felt the beginning of a cold prior to leaving and then travelling, plus a lack of sleep, contributed to me ending up with a full blown cold.  I was prepared though and had medication on hand.  The descent on my flight back threw my ears for a serious loop and I ended up in extreme pain and unable to hear for most of the day.  While it improved slightly, it didn’t improve enough so I went to the doctor on Monday evening and was diagnosed with a double middle-ear infection and blood in my right ear.  Lovely.

In addition, I was supposed to fly to Vegas today for yet another quick trip.  Thankfully the doctor told me I shouldn’t fly, so here I am.

Of course the travel and the sickness haven’t done much for my fitness.  I taught a packed class on Saturday off the bike because I was a mess.  I taught again last night (packed again!) and managed to ride for most of the class.  It felt good to do a little excersise although I definitely still felt off at times.

My tentative plan is to take the rest of the week to get healthy and then pick back up with things on Saturday.

I got an email from my coach talking about starting training about 8 months in advance of the half (as opposed to the normal six).  The additional two will be a slow ramp up phase.  He makes it sound very do-able.  He also didn’t seem phased by me telling him that I hadn’t been doing much running.

My goal now is really just to stay healthy and get back to a regular routine.  I was doing pretty well pre-travel so I know I can get right back to it.  I will of course keep you posted.


Class last night was full, which was very exciting to me because the Tuesday class, while a great group, is never particularly crowded.  We have 22 bikes and we tend to average around 12-15.  It’s definitely January at the gym, but a full class is a full class.  I had three first time riders and all did well.  Hopefully they will return!

I wanted to do a ride I hadn’t used in a while, so I went with my best of 2013 ride.  Some of the songs had been really played out at the time, but after a year I felt it was OK to play them.

Here’s a screen shot.  Let me know if you want to follow me on Spotify.



As always, feel free to share any good tunes!

Have a great Wednesday!!


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