Weather here has been frigid!  (if you are somewhere where it hasn’t been…don’t tell me)

Running has been tough.  Or rather, treadmill running has been tough.

I’ve always disliked running on the treadmill and preferred to be outside.  There’s something about actually moving that seems to help.  Imagine that!  Not to mention having a change of scenery can be enjoyable and distracting (in a good way).

I figured my running would be limited to the treadmill until the weather improved.  However seeing how much I was struggling led me to consider other options.

Really, the only other option was to run outside.  In. The. Cold.  Could I really do that?

Both my sister (the guru) and my aunt run outside throughout the winter.  Both of them told me it really isn’t so bad.  Yeah right.

I had read something on facebook along the lines of “I won’t go outside if the temperature is less than my age.”  I loved that and figured that I’d set 35 as my threshold.  Great!  Well, too bad 35 isn’t even in the forecast.

So today I decided that I was going to run outside…regardless of the temperature.  Sort of.  I had heard that the high would be 33, which was a huge improvement over the prior day’s 16.   I had planned to go in the morning but  plans changed, so the afternoon it was!

I commited to it, so I just had to do it.

Thankfully my sister had given me some warm running pants.  My mother had bought me a great thermal type shirt (from Kohls, it was great), gloves, and an outer layer from Athleta.  I then borrowed a neck warmer and a headband from my neighbor.  You’d think i’m kidding, but it really took me about 15 minutes to get all suited up.  I had spent so much time getting ready, I had to do it.

Armed with my new Garmin, I headed out.  I had no real route in my head so I just went.

I’m happy to say that I ran 2+ miles.  I ran a mile, walked for about 3-4 minutes (if that), then ran another mile.  At that point I walked a little before attempting to pick up the pace up a final two part hill.  I took a brief break in the middle of the hill to change my music, but I pushed myself and finished.

The verdict?  Much better than I was expecting.  Yes, my nose was streaming down my face, which is gross, but it got better.  And yes, breathing was tougher, but that too got easier.

First time with the Garmin was pretty eye opening too.  My “easy” pace was slower than I thought, but my pace when I exerted more effort was faster than I thought (including my pace up the hills).  I’m loosely encouraged and kind of looking forward to my next outdoor run.

My schedule this week will be interrupted by work travel, so it may not be a good running week, but I will fix that when I return.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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