Music…on a Wednesday

This blog is definitely still finding itself.  What that really means is that I’m still figuring out what I want to write about (and what might be interesting to others).

I originally started this blog to talk about music for spin classes.  At the time, there was a shortage of resources sharing spinning music and class profiles.  Thanks to groups on Facebook and tools such as Spotify, it’s now very easy to see what music people are using.  That said, not everyone is part of that world.

To me, music and working out go hand in hand.  A good song can totally boost my mood (and my effort level).  Therefore I’m going to continue to occasionally share the music I use in class…or for my workouts.

I’m going to try to post a music related entry once a week, on Wednesday.


This was my best of 2014 ride.  I’m sure not everyone would agree that it was the “best”, but it was made up of songs that made the charts this past year.  It kept the energy level high and was pretty fun.

Here’s the spotify link if you’d like to listen:   Best of 2014

Feel free at any time to let me know if there are any songs that you’re loving.


2 thoughts on “Music…on a Wednesday

  1. Thanks Steve! Not necessarily what I think it’s the best, but it worked.
    We got a good chuckle because a couple in class (about my age) told me after they had only heard 1 or 2 of the song before. Needless to say, their resolution is to be more current. 🙂
    Happy 2015!!!

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