I’m a little scared

Happy Sunday!

For many people, tomorrow is back to work day after a lengthy vacation from the grind.  I went back to work on Friday so while I’m still not looking forward to Monday, it’s a bit easier than it will be for some others.

My weekend was good, but not terribly exciting.  My stomach has been acting a bit weird and hurting a lot, which is annoying.  It’s tolerable for the most part, but bothersome.  But anyway…

I taught Spin on Saturday morning and then figured I’d run a mile after class.  That didn’t go very well.  While I did have some stomach pain I was able to work through it and then my shins started bothering me.  I stopped mid-run to stretch my shins/calves and then started again.  At that point the stabbing stomach pains showed up.  I was definitely discouraged but I had to stop.

I did some good stretching after and then called it a day.  Perhaps in hindsight I should have tried for the mile before spin (not after).

So in no real order, here are some thoughts that are going through my head:

  • Am I really going to be able to run 13.1 miles?  I haven’t even really conquered a mile in the few times I’ve tried.
  • Maybe it’s the treadmill and I just need to get outside.
  • It’s cold outside and I’m scared of not being able to breathe.  Maybe I just need to suck it up and try.  I know I do, but I’m a little nervous.
  • Is my coach going to think I suck?
  • Is 8 months enough to go from nothing to 13?
  • Why is my stomach all of a sudden acting up?  Is it psychological?

Clearly the half is on my mind.  I take a little comfort in the fact that it is still quite a few months away, but I also worry that time will fly and before I know it, it will be here.

My goal this week is to keep trying to run (inside or out) and mix in some strength training as well.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!  🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m a little scared

  1. So much better to run outside. If your concerned about breathing and the cold air, wear something around your neck so you can cover your mouth at first and in a few minutes you prob don’t even need it! 8 months is enough time and remember!! It’s ok to walk!! You can run 1/2 mile and then walk alittle but to recover and then go again.
    Don’t eat anything with fiber before you run 🙂
    I will run with you if you’re at your parents house!!!
    If I see any good articles that I think you will benefit from u will send your way .💛💙💜❤️

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