A little MIA and a big announcement

Sorry about the MIA piece.  There wasn’t much to update on and I don’t want to write just to write.  I feel like my yogurt post last week was a result of that, and I didn’t love it.

So the big announcement is that I’m officially doing a half marathon in October!

I’ve thought about signing up for a half for a while but never pulled the trigger and went with it.

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that my town would be hosting it’s first half next year.  I realized that any excuses I may have had in the past really couldn’t hold up since it was a) super local and b) far off enough to allow for warm weather training.  So I sort of commited to myself mentally.

The following week they announced a first half marathon contest.  They were taking entries for one male and one female who were going to make this their first half marathon.  The prize was free entry as well as one on one coaching with a well respected runner/coach in the area.  I was intrigued.

Even though it isn’t at all in my personality to talk about training and working out on social media to friends (the blog is different), I thought this might be something I should consider.  I’m definitely open to sharing my trials and tribulations as long as it’s in an “if I can do it, you can do it” manner, not bragging.

The note asked for an essay and said that you’d get bonus points for creativity.  That I could do.

So I sent them this…  (sorry, it’s a little long)

There once was a girl who really couldn’t run

She’d try and try but fail, and say this isn’t fun

In 2006 she finally conquered a mile

Such an accomplishment, it made her smile

Only on the treadmill, never outside

At the same time, taking Spinning for a ride

A little later she lost her job and needed to fill her time

So she became a spinning instructor to earn some dime

Her life was about fitness,

This many did witness

She ran a 5K and then a second one too

Such an accomplishment, her confidence grew

She continued with spinning, running, and weights

Enjoying life, being social, eating tasty plates

She stuck with the running and eventually hit five

But from there her running took a dive

Work and life got in the way

There just wasn’t enough time in the day

Add in a dog, a new job, allergies, and weather

Alone they were doable but not all together

Maybe in hindsight it really wasn’t too bad

A lack of motivation was more likely what she had

Admittedly, this lack lasted way too long

She’d think back on fitness and when she was strong

As a fitness instructor, you’re supposed to be fit

Everyone’s watching and noticing if extra pounds hit

Don’t get me wrong, she could still kick your butt in spin

But what she really wanted was to again feel good from within

It’s been some time, but now she’s ready to commit

To get back to it all, to no longer be unfit

Running had always been that pie in the sky

“It’s hard”, she’d say with a sigh

I think by now you get that I’m talking about me

For some reason third person just came easily


My sister is a runner and she makes it look effortless

Several marathons, many races, and a pace to impress

She always said “you can run a half”

“I know you can do it” (and she didn’t laugh)

I’m sure it won’t be easy but part of me thinks maybe I can do it too

I need to commit, it’s just something I need to do

Go big or go home I’m saying in my head

I can run 13.1 miles and then go to bed!


Applying for something like this is so not my norm

But sometimes it’s good to just take on the storm

So I’m sending in my reply

And ready to look the challenge in the eye


I figured I really had nothing to lose.  I decided that I was going to do the half regardless of whether or not I “won”.  So I waited.

Imagine my surprise when I found out last night that they picked me as the winner!  Hooray!!!

So it has officially been announced so there’s no looking back.  My official training will start in mid to late February.  In the meantime I’m going to try to hit the treadmill to at least get a few miles under my belt.

I will definitely document things here, so stay tuned!!


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