I’ve been all over the place this week!  Plus taking off Monday threw me off for the week and I was never really sure what day it was.

Now it’s Thursday.  TGIT!

I made it to the gym at lunch today, which was good.  I had clothes with me yesterday too but couldn’t get away.  It happens.  I’m also fighting a very minor cold, which while not horrible, does complicate things just a bit.  Colds are annoying.

It was good to work out a bit.  I think working out of any sort is a fabulous stress reliever.  I always said that I’d walk into the gym one person and out another…especially during times of my life when my job satisfaction wasn’t the highest.

Something else I’ve been thinking about….yogurt.  Random, right?

I’m not a huge fan of yogurt but I make myself eat it because it’s good for me.  I’ve tried many brands and my favorite is Oikos by Dannon.  One day last week I had to sub in a Chobani, and I wasn’t impressed.  I mentioned this to a coworker who told me that Chobani has much less sugar, so I figured I’d investigate.


To me, this is not a huge difference, but maybe it is.  Do you know?

And my last random thought of the day.  On facebook today was an article about 5 foods not to have in your kitchen.  Most were common sense but the one that surprised me was microwave popcorn.  I just wrote about my new love for the Jiffy Pop 100 calorie Kettle Corn, so this was disappointing.  Apparently it’s due to the oil used to cook it and the possibility that the cooking and packaging process may actually be harmful.  Lovely.

I hate to say it, but I’m still going to eat it, but I will try not to do so as frequently.

Any snack recommendations?


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