Hanging on to the weekend

It’s Monday night but because I didn’t go to work it feels like a Sunday.  I actually asked my sister what she did all day today.  Duh!

It was a good weekend, but it was TIRING!

On Saturday I taught my class, which was pretty good, and then did a bunch of errands.  It was rainy and gross and once I got home I wanted to stay home.  We ended up going up to a brewery in Stratford, CT because I had never been and the pizza trailer will be there next Sunday, so I got to scope it out.  It was such a cool place and a huge brewery in a random CT town (should out to Two Roads Brewery).  After that we had a house warming and birthday party to go to.  So by the time we got home it was around 10  (not late in general, but late when you have a looooong Sunday).

Sunday the alarm went off at 5a, which was painful.  The entire day was tied to pizza, which is tiring.  I was EXHAUSTED and ended up asleep by 8:30, which meant I missed Homeland :(.  Having today off was key as it gave me the extra day I needed to get stuff done.  It was spent doing a lot of cleaning and organizing (I’m redoing my floors, so everything needs to be moved).

What stinks is that it feels like I’m getting a cold (again).  I like to brag about how I never get sick.  About two months ago I came down with a mild cold, but it had a lingering runny nose and chest congestion until just a week or two ago.  The nose finally stopped running and I was ecstatic.

Got home last night and my throat was hurting, which tends to happen when I’ve been outside all day, so I didn’t think much of it.  Unfortunately the sore throat is still here and getting worse.  Boo hoo!

So, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Looking at this post, it doesn’t really say much.  Oh well!  Hope you had a good weekend!


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