Finally Friday!

I love Fridays!  I maybe love this Friday a bit more because I have the day off on Monday!!

This was a really busy year for me and while I did take a few days off here and there (and tacked some trips on to work travel), I didn’t use most of my paid time off.  So now it’s the last month of the year and I have a decent amount of days to use.  So this was my last full week of work for the year! 🙂

Switching gears, I’m very happy to say that I went to the gym during lunch yesterday!  As it was my first time, it was a bit of a learning experience, but overall it worked.

I left work around 12:10 and was at the gym by 12:15.  I changed and headed to the weights section for some strength work.  My logic was that my just doing strength I wouldn’t sweat and therefore wouldn’t need to shower.  Kind of wrong…but kind of stuck because I wasn’t prepared for a shower.  Oh well!

I’m a sweat-er.  I never was and in college I was actually jealous of “visible sweaters” as I called them. I felt like they looked like they worked hard while I didn’t.  But anyway, I need to remember that I will start to sweat as soon as I do anything somewhat physical.  It wasn’t horrible, but I probably should have at least thought to bring powder.

So right about now you’re probably thinking i’m gross and dirty. 🙂

Anyway, my workout was good and it was around 30 minutes.  I hit the main muscles (bi, tri, shoulders, chest, lats, core, glutes, hamstrings).  It definitely wasn’t perfect, but it was a start.  When I was done I put my work clothes back on (I know, ewwww), swung by the supermarket and headed back to work.

Lessons learned:  bring powder and/or body spray (for those slight sweat sessions), bring makeup (to touch up), bring extra underwear (did i really just write that?).

I also realized that on days when my hair is not straight, I can in fact take a body shower.  Imagine that! Of course that probably adds on about 10 minutes so I need to consider that, but still.  Exciting revelations happening here.  May try the cardio route today…are you on the edge of your seat?

So overall I’d say so far so good.  I put my music on at the gym and quickly remembered how much I used to love going to the gym and working out (while getting lost in my music).

I’m looking forward to the weekend!  Tomorrow should be somewhat quiet but on Sunday One Bro Pizza Co. (the sig other’s side business) is vending at a holiday market, so it will be a long (and hopefully busy) day.

Have a great weekend!!!


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