Day 2 (so far so good)

Good morning!!

Since I just went public with my new mission yesterday, not much has really changed, but I’m writing for a second day in a row, so that’s good.

No gym time yesterday as I had a dinner to attend after work.  But I am happy to say that I didn’t pig out.  Little victories.  I love food.

Like I just said, I love food.  And I feel like I am hungry more than the average person.  After some trial and error in the past, I found that it really is best for me to eat something small every few hours, otherwise I end up too hungry and am at risk for making poor decisions.

So….I figured I’d share with you the foods that have helped me snack and not feel guilty.


I found these a couple of years ago.  Only 90 calories and a really great sweet treat.  Plus, I love the texture, which feels much more decadent than it really is.


I love cheese!  I also know that cheese isn’t particularly healthy.  Part-skim string cheese is a great way to indulge in cheese without going overboard.  (Full disclosure, I don’t always buy Polly-O, the store brand works for me too!)


This is my latest (and greatest) find.  I’ve never been a fan of popcorn, but for some reason I found myself in the popcorn aisle at the supermarket and grabbed the kettle corn.  What appealed to me was the sweet/salty flavor as well as the fact that you can eat a decent amount without feeling guilty.  These bags are portioned so that you can eat the whole thing.  This is one of my favorite snacks at the moment.

So, I did bring workout clothes to work today, and provided that work isn’t too crazy, I plan to give the whole gym-at-lunch thing a try.  Wish me luck!!


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