I’m Back! (I think)

I’ve missed blogging for several reasons.

I always enjoyed getting to interact with different people.  While my readership was on the smaller side, I “met” some interesting people and enjoyed reading different opinions and thoughts.

I love to write.  Since elementary school I have loved writing.  Aside from emails and other work related stuff, I rarely use writing as an outlet, and this is something I’d like to get back to.

It could possibly hold me accountable for things I say I’m going to do.  This blog was originally a resource for fitness, then spinning playlists, so accountability wasn’t really applicable, however now I think it may make sense.

So, expanding off that last item, I will let you know where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and why I’m back.  (Looking back on an earlier post, it seems that I tried something similar back in June, but clearly it didn’t stick.)

I have been anything but fit.  Given that the title of this blog is Fit Talker, I felt like I didn’t have anything to say of value.  Since I started my current job in July 2013, aside from my twice weekly spin class, I have hardly gone to the gym.  I initially chalked this up to an adjustment period, but now that it’s been about a year and a half, I’ll admit that that is not the case.  While I have gained some weight, it could definitely be worse, and for that I’m thankful.  At this point though, I feel kind of blah and refuse to buy any new pants because I don’t like the way things are fitting.

I wouldn’t say I’ve hit rock bottom, but for me, this is probably the worst I’ve felt in quite sometime and this needs to be fixed.  My sister is a rock star runner so obviously she’s in phenomenal shape and my mother is retired and goes to the gym every.single.day.

I definitely struggle with finding the time to do it all.  I can’t get out of bed in the morning and by the time I get home I’m tired and just want to relax with the sig other and the pup.  But, I know this needs to change and I’m starting to come up with a plan.

To summarize, here are what I think my issues are:
Tired/not enough time
No gym with good classes at good times
Dog/home responsibilities
Having got into the habit of laziness

I think they are all fixable.  The gym part is the hardest.  I love a good class.  I love how someone else does the thinking and just tells me what to do.  I love the camaraderie and just the overall atmosphere.  I currently belong to two gyms; the one I teach at and another that is geographically convenient.  While neither have the class offering I’m looking for, I know that I need to stop using that as a crutch.  I’ve worked out on my own for many years and am totally capable of doing that again.  Not to mention there are so many workouts and even videos online that I can still let someone else do the thinking.

So here’s my plan…
Bring gym clothes to work and attempt to get in a short strength workout during the day.  I have a gym that is quite close-by and while I don’t want to get all sweaty mid-day, I think that a short workout would do me good both mentally and physically.
Start out trying to get to the gym a total of 4 times a week, so two times in addition to my class.
On days that I have a class, try to make time to do something other than spin (i.e. strength or other cardio).
Continue to look for a more specific gym that I would look forward to going to (i’m so curious about Orange Theory, although it’s not at all convenient).
Sign up for a race.  I’ve talked about running for a long time and it’s really time to do something about it.  My town is hosting a half marathon in October and I think I’m going to commit to doing it (notice my use of the word “think”, not OK).
Use this blog to journal my progress and frustrations and of course random thoughts.

So, if you’ve gotten this far in this loooong post, thank you.  Feel free to continue to check back or if this isn’t your cup of tea, thanks for reading.  🙂

Any suggestions for getting back to it?


4 thoughts on “I’m Back! (I think)

  1. The hard part is done. You’ve made a plan! After a couple of weeks it will become routine . That’s what it’s all about. Speaking of running, Can you take Minnie for runs? I always wanted to run with a dog :).
    Oh and What’s the date of that half marathon?

    1. Thank you!
      I’ve tried to run with Minnie a few times and it was a disaster! She loves to dart in front of me which causes me to have to completely stop to avoid tripping on her. I haven’t fully given up on that possibility, but she needs some work.
      The half is 10.18 I think.

  2. Welcome back! Do you ever do at home workouts?
    I use walking the dogs as my workout a few times a week. Getting in 4-5 miles of walking is a great workout. And I save going to the gym for weekends when I know I have more time. Otherwise it’s at-home workouts on my time that fit my schedule.

    1. I actually really dislike working out at home, although I wish I did (it would make things SO much easier!).
      We have two bike trainers set up and the sig other is trying to get me to agree to ride with him once a week for 30 minutes and even that is a struggle. 🙂
      Dog walking is great though!

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