I love Fridays.  I really really love Fridays.

Of course I always have a ton to do at work on Fridays and not much motivation, which is a bad combination.  But I deal.

Since writing is my therapy, I want to make a “regular” feature for Fridays, to assure that I always write something.  I’m thinking I will go the route of other bloggers and do something along the lines of Friday Favorites, in which I’ll mention a few things I’m currently a big fan of.

Maybe I’ll turn someone on to a new product and vice versa.

First ever installment of Jessica’s Friday Favorites!

An Invisible Thread


This is a book.  I’m in a book club and this was the book we read last month.  It’s a quick read with a really nice message.  Everyone in book club loved it, which made me happy (it was my month to choose).

Harpoon Leviathan IPA


This is a really random one because I’m not much of a drinker.  In addition, I’m not usually an IPA fan.  For some reason I REALLY like this beer.  But be warned, it’s around 10% alcohol (and therefore comes in a 4 pack, not a 6 pack).

5th and Madison


This is a company that sells candles, home and body products.  I first discovered this company a few years ago at the Christmas Shops at Bryant Park in NYC.  They were located near the outdoor bar and were emitting the most delicious scent.  So of course we wandered over and ended up spending way too much on candles.  Since then, I’ve bought something from them every year.  Their trademark scent is Cosmopolitan and it’s what lured me in.

I’m mentioning them because they never have sales and right now they’re offering 40% off.  Use the code “Humphrey Rocks” until tomorrow (June 14th).  Click here to go to their website.

I’m really sensitive to scents so I’m not one to be able to just try different scents, but of those that I have purchased, I love them all.


With that I close off the first installment of Jessica’s Friday Favorites.  Hope you enjoyed!  Anything you’d like to share with me?



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