Instructor’s Guilt

Good morning!

I taught my Tuesday class last night for the first time in quite a while.  Due to work conflicts, I had to sub 3 weeks in a row (yes, 3 weeks!).  I hated to do it, but I really had no choice.

I gave the class adequate notice.  Because I was still teaching on Saturdays, I saw many of my regulars who told me that they didn’t attend the Tuesday class or when they did, attendance was pretty low.

Supposedly last week had only 2 people in class.  Based on that, I was a bit nervous that no one would show yesterday.

Well, that definitely wasn’t the case.  The class was almost full (only 4 empty bikes).  This was a huge relief.  It felt great to be back!

That said, I felt a bit guilty (or bad) that the subbing instructor didn’t have nearly the same experience.  As an instructor, I know that it’s much more enjoyable to teach to a full house than to one or two people.

My group is very loyal to me and while I’ve found subs who are OK, I haven’t really found anyone with a similar style (or rather I did, but she moved).

Has anyone else experienced a similar feeling of feeling bad for the sub?  Just curious!


2 thoughts on “Instructor’s Guilt

  1. I definitely feel bad for my students when i have to sub out my sunday morning class because there is only one guy who picks it up and hes TERRIBLE- it makes me really not ever want to sub it out but i’ve had to a lot lately for going out of town, and no one else will ever take it! As for me since i’m the sub quite often, I feel bad for the instructor sometimes because i get told that i am better than the instructor and get asked if i can take their class! LOL 🙂 can’t complain about that i guess!

  2. Where you teaching now? (if you can say) I feel like before I went MIA you were just getting started, so I’m happy to hear it worked out!
    I do also feel bad when I sub and am better than their instructor…although I don’t feel that bad 🙂

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