Yes, I’m really back!!

You know what?  I’ve really missed blogging!  I’ve missed the unique opportunity to connect with people I wouldn’t connect with otherwise.

While I have been away for quite some time (last post was 5 months ago, and posts were super sporadic prior to that), I’m hoping that I can get some readers back, or even find new ones.

I’m definitely going to go back to the heart of where this blog started, spinning.  However I’m also going to continue to be my wonderfully random self 🙂

I’m not very good at recaps of what’s been going on with me, so I won’t go in to much detail there, but I’m good, so that’s most important, right?

Let’s get right back to things…

This weekend I was in NYC for the 5 Borough Bike Tour.  While I am local, I decided that it would be easier to get a hotel room on Saturday night than to wake up super early on Sunday and drive into the city with the bikes.

We stayed right near the Freedom Tower, which was pretty neat (but also VERY crowded).  My parents came in to the city and we met up with my sister to celebrate her birthday.  My hotel had an outdoor bar on the 20th floor, where I took these pictures.

IMAG0618 IMAG0619

The highlight of the weekend though was the ride itself.  40 miles through all 5 boroughs of NYC, so cool!

bike tour

It’s a 40 mile ride with approximately 32,000 riders, so it’s pretty large.  NY’ers hate it because they shut down a bunch of main roads, creating a true traffic nightmare.

While I hadn’t trained properly at all, thankfully I was still able to finish.  For the most part I felt good, although around the 32 or 33 mile mark I got a bit tired, however I had a snack and some Gatorade and was ready to finish.

Unlike what i’m used to, the route was very flat, which helped.  It was very cool to ride on the city streets without any cars.  We went over 4 bridges (2 were really small) and were on 2 different highways.  They also had bands playing every few miles which made it more fun.

It was a great ride and I’d highly recommend it!  Any rides you’d recommend?


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