Tuesday’s Class



Not a new ride, but definitely a solid standby.  Actually, I really like this ride.  It’s tough but moves quickly.

Sandstorm is the last working song.

It was a good class.  17 people which is great for the inconsistent Tuesday night class.  Quite a few regulars but also some faces I didn’t recognize.

Two of the participants I’ve known for a couple of years and they had just gotten married the weekend before.  Plus, they’re running the NYC marathon this weekend, so I called them out an embarrassed them a bit (in a good way).

There was one woman in the back of the room.  She had taken my class once before.  I took a ton of time to set her up and then during class she went ahead and changed everything I had done. She’s a little odd and was definitely doing her own thing through most of this ride.

She came up to me after class inquiring about a song with the lyrics “it will be the death of me”.  Totally stumped me so we went through and listened a bit to every song.  Turns out it was Dirty Diana.  She heard those lyrics but they surely are not in the song.

She told me she had a great class but then professed that I play a lot of heavy metal.  Um, right.

People make me laugh.  Any good stories about things members have said/done?


Oh yeah, happy halloween!!!  I had actually gotten tickets to Live with Kelly & Michael for today (their huge halloween show).  Technically I could have gone, but it would have been a little crazy and last minute.  So instead I returned the tickets for another show, so fingers crossed I get them and it’s a decent show.


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