Weekend recap

Sunday morning we made the mistake of hitting the errands hard without having something to eat first.  Which of course left me ravenous.  Add to that the fact that i was fighting a cold, which always makes me super hungry. (Anyone else?)

So I found these….



And proceeded to eat almost the whole bag.  Almost.  I guess you could say I endorse them.  I don’t like pumpkin but I don’t mind pumpkin seeds.  They’re a bit sweet and crunchy.  They kind of remind me of the cinnamon/sugar pita chips.  While I really like them, I’m not sure I’ll buy another bag since they also seem to suck out all my willpower. 🙂


I had a lovely weekend.  Friday night we tried a new place called the Meatball Company (somewhat self explanatory I imagine).  While it was good, it wasn’t great and was a tad pricey for what you get.  If you were wondering, I got chicken meatballs with tomato sauce over roasted brussel sprouts.  Good, just not enough to warrant the $12 pricetag.  I gave up red meat in January (in case you care).

Saturday I taught a packed class, which made me so happy.  Attendance has been weaker than usual for that past couple of months so I was thrilled to once again have a full house.  I think it’s a better experience for the members as well…all that excitement. 😉

After class I headed to NY to visit with my family.  Had a lovely visit with my grandmother and then my immediate family headed to the outlets.  Fun!  While I desperately need clothes for work, I always seem to gravitate toward sweatshirts and gym clothes.  Anyone else have this problem?  I did get a few things though so i’d say it was a successful visit overall and of course lovely to spend time with the fam.

My crazy running sister had run 22 miles that morning and you’d have never known it.  Can’t even imagine.  I could ride 22 miles and be fine, but 22 miles of literally pounding the pavement?  No thank you.

Sunday was spent with the aforementioned errands and rest.  I am totally convinced that if I get a lot of rest i can stop a cold dead in his tracks.  Who cares what science has to say.

Tonight is class and i’m hoping that it isn’t the proverbial straw that lets the cold in.  Fingers crossed!  The rest of the week is going to be crazy, so the gym isn’t even an option, but i’m OK with it and will try again next week.

Before I go, here are a couple of songs I’m loving right now. (don’t like the Nicki Minaj rap in the second but like the rest of the song)


3 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Colds make me crazy hungry too!! I figure our bodies need extra fuel to fight the cold off? Whatever excuse works for ya 😉

  2. Hope you feel better! The dinner sounds good but you’re right – not for $12.
    I was just at the outlets on Sunday–I loaded up at UnderArmour (do I really need more sports bras and a fleece? no.) and begrudgingly bought a new suit at Banana Republic.

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