Food and music

Happy Friday.  No really, happy Friday.  I am so glad today is Friday as i’m not sure I could handle another workday this week.  Good thing I don’t have to!

The past 6 or so weekends have been busy.  Plus each weekend it seemed that our big event was on Sunday, which is normally my “errand and get ready for the week” day.  So it had been almost a month since we had done a real Sunday grocery shopping trip.  Thankfully we fixed that last weekend.

In our attempt to get back to healthy eating of real foods, we decided to focus on a protein, a veggie, and a grain for each meal.  So really we just loaded up on the above items.

We went to Trader Joe’s (of course).  I know there are a few articles out there saying bad things about TJs but I’m still a fan.  We went a little nutty in the frozen fish department.  Their fish is pretty reasonably priced (per DJ, I don’t really know that stuff).  So we picked up some plain fillets as well as a few of their seasoned options.

For dinner last night I made the Whitefish Vera Cruz (Totally just typed “crazy” instead of cruz.  Wonder what that means?).


From the TJs website: Modeled on the flavors of the Southeastern Mexican city of Veracruz, this is a fillet of swai, a mild, flaky white fish with a subtle, buttery flavor. It’s marinated in a blend of olive oil, tomatoes, green olives, chiles, onions and capers.

We liked it.  It’s a bit spicy and can be a little heavy on the olives, but for the price, I’d say it’s a great quick way to get in a fish dish during a busy week.

Moving on…

I feel so badly that the whole reason I started this blog was to share music and now it’s the one thing I’ve not been doing.  So today I Googled how to take a screen shot of my phone so I could share a couple of spotify playlists with you.

Granted, it’s not perfect, but it’s not terrible and it will give you an idea of some of the tunes I’ve been using.

Enjoy…. or ignore.  Your call. 🙂

3 1 2


Have a great weekend!!!


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