A doozy of a day

Yesterday was quite a day.

Work has been super super busy, plus as I may have eluded to, I’ve been having some coworker issues.  The latest issues with her are that she hasn’t show up for work at all this week.  The writing was on the wall and as of yesterday, she was officially terminated (not that she was at work to find out).  So unfortunately this just means more work for me.

Pair that with some frustrating relationships with suppliers and lots of other issues and yesterday beat me down.

Thankfully I had packed a gym bag in the morning and given DJ a heads up that I was going to hit the gym after work.

5pm came and I was annoyed and in a lousy mood.  I wanted to go home, put on comfy clothes and be lazy, but instead I went to the gym.  It was SO worth it.  I knew it would be, which is why I forced myself to go.

I was only there for about an hour, which was perfect, but I was a much happier soul when I left.  And something is without a doubt better than nothing!

Since my free time is at a premium, it’s my goal to keep my workouts short and efficient, which is do-able.  yesterday I did about 25 minutes of intervals on the treadmill and then various upper/lower body exercises.  It was perfect.

But enough about my first workout in a gazillion years…

Thanks to Fitness magazine, i was introduced to a new snack that I’m loving.  It’s prepackaged so it’s a convenience food, but for those times when you need a sweet treat, it’s perfect!


They’re small, but that’s OK.  They’re big enough and I’m loving the flavor and the texture.

In the past I was obsessed with the Fiber One granola bars, that was until I realized that they gave me pretty bad gas (TMI???).  So far these don’t seem to be having that effect, although since I tend to eat them and go to bed shortly thereafter, it may not be the best test.  I have one in my drawer at work though, so I can provide an update down the line. 🙂

And last….I owe my few spinner friends music.  Since my work computer was stolen, I’m on a loaner.  The loaner doesn’t give me admin rights so I can’t download any of my photo programs which means I can’t edit any screen shots.  Yes, I suppose I could just type the songs up, but that’s time consuming.

So, music will be coming.  When I have some extra time at night I’ll throw up a post with a whole bunch of rides.  I promise.

Have a great Thursday!  Who else is ready for the weekend???


2 thoughts on “A doozy of a day

  1. So glad you mentioned the *gas* issue. I ate a fiber bar one time. ONE TIME. I had the same issue with terrible stomach pains. Since that day I won’t eat any prepackaged food with ‘fiber’ on the label. 🙂 TMI….

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