What I’m doing

I’m trying.  Trying to balance everything and blog.  Fingers crossed!

Right now I’m a little embarrassed that my blog title even had the word “fit” in it, seeing that I’ve been severely lacking in the fitness department.  Maybe I should rename the blog to just “Talker”.  I’m good at that. 🙂

I’m working on the Fit.  I’ve been working on it since I started working in July and it’s been tough.  My new job has more responsibility and therefore longer hours.  What used to work for my schedule doesn’t anymore.  I used to go to boxing at 6a, it ended at 7a, I was home by 7:15 I would shower and get ready for work.  Now I leave the house around 7:45a, so 6a is a little too late. 😦  (Maybe if I lay my clothes out the night before and don’t dry my hair, I can make it work.)  Or I used to get out right around 5 and hit the gym, still getting home at a normal time.  Now I don’t get out until around 5:30/6 and there’s more traffic on my commute.  Not to mention that after a 10 hour day, I’m kind of just ready to go home and collapse.

But I’m working on it.  Thankfully spin guarantees that i’m at the gym twice a week.  I’ve also tried to hit the late boxing class (7:15p) at least once a week.  It’s frustrating that it hasn’t been an easy transition, but I am trying.  So enough of my excuses…

Some random things this Monday.

This article about Crossfit.  I’m not a Crossfit fan.  While I can appreciate some aspects of it, other elements just don’t seem right to me.  I thought the article was interesting.  (note: it doesn’t portray Crossfit very positively)



I may have mentioned them before, but I think they’re worth mentioning again.  I’m not a huge chip person (I tend towards sweets) but I can eat an entire bag of these in one sitting (not something i’m proud of, just being honest).

Also this…



My bike.  That’s the old photo from the day we picked it up.  My poor bike probably has NO CLUE who I am and now I’m going to hop on it on Sunday and ride 30+ miles.  Should be interesting!

I know I can do it, but I’m definitely not at all prepared or trained for this ride.  I know it’s bad and I know I should have rode a ton this summer, but for some reason I didn’t.  And DJ reminds me of this every opportunity he gets and it makes me crazy.

So that’s about it for now.  I’ll share a playlist later in the week.  Have a great Monday!!


4 thoughts on “What I’m doing

  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for the article link. Very interesting. I am not a fan of Cross-fit type workouts. I have done them a few times, but I’m never really comfortable. Always feeling like I could injure myself at any second. I know several people that have injured themselves at these classes at my gym. Some don’t go back, but others continue even after being injured. Maybe it’s because in cycling we place such importance on proper form that this lack of instruction on proper form bothers me.Either way, CrossFit is not the workout for me. I’m enjoying (light) weightlifting at my own pace without the stress of competition.
    Good luck with your ride! I certainly understand how life can get in the way of preparing for these things, but don’t sweat it. You can do 30 miles with your eyes closed! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the confidence on the ride. 🙂
      I once went to a CrossFit to get a tour. I will admit I went it to it with preconceived notions, but they didn’t prove me wrong.
      I don’t think that doing things for speed is right when weights are involved.
      Kind of like the whole weights on the bike topic. Ugh.

  2. I read that CrossFit article earlier today…I tried CrossFit for about 3 weeks and it just wasn’t for me. I felt unsafe, like I was going to get injured because of the focus on heavy, heavy lifting. My body responds much better to lighter weights and a more balanced approach.

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