An Instructor’s Woes

I’m back!

I’m hoping to actually get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis.  Fingers crossed!  I will definitely continue to share spin rides and beyond that whatever may be on my mind at the moment.

Right now two things are on my mind…

Being an instructor…..
I have taught at my current location for 4 years this Saturday.  Wow.  It’s been a great 4 years.  I started out with tons of empty bikes and over time, the bikes were filled with bodies, and the wait-list started to grow.  It’s a huge accomplishment for me and something I appreciate every time I teach.  I’ve hosted training rides and done fundraisers at this gym.  I do themed rides and bring in treats for the riders.  I do everything I can to give the members the best possible experience.

The general manager has seen this.  He’s collaborated with me on training rides and when an opening for a new class came up, he suggested I get it.  When a potential new gym member comes in, many times he has them take my class, and then they sign up.  I am proud to say I teach a great class and love my members.

Getting back to the 4 year anniversary aspect.  Shortly after I started, I was given a review and a raise of about 2%, which equated to…….hold on to your hat….$0.60.  To celebrate I bought myself a newspaper.  I kid.

Long story short, it’s been 4 years and hours and hours of effort (probably months) and I have not received another increase.  I don’t do it for the money, but recently thought it was about time for me to ask for an increase.

So I asked.  After a few emails back and forth I was told no.  Why you ask?  Well, because I don’t teach more than 5 classes/week.  I explained that I do this part time and will never be able to teach 5 classes a week and essentially the response I got told me that in that case I’d never be due for an increase.

I’m mad.

It’s really not about the money, it’s about the acknowledgement that my effort is valued and my commitment appreciated.  I bust my butt for that gym and to me this means they really don’t care.

So i’m on the fence.  Since I’m angry, a part of me really wants to give them the finger and walk.  However the other part of me loves the members and doesn’t want to leave them in a situation like that.  So I sit on it and stew (not necessarily a good thing).

I am so bothered by this that it’s on my mind all the time and I just don’t know what to do.  Perhaps I continue to fight?  Highlight all that I’ve done and ask why i’m not deserving of a raise.  So right now I wait…and think.

So that’s one thing that’s on my mind.  The other is much lighter and simpler.

I’m doing a 30 mile bike ride next week and have not been on my road bike since the spring.  Yikes!  I will do fine because I have to, but i’m a bit nervous, especially since DJ has been riding like crazy.   Send me good vibes!

The ride is for a great cause, the Guide Dog Foundation, and my sponsors will drive me to keep pedaling even when my whole body will surely ache.

So what’s on your mind?


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