still here

i know i’ve been really sporadic with the posts.  my last post was over 10 days ago.  i get that as a blog reader, that’s not really going to do much for loyalty.

to be honest, i’m thinking of taking a break from blogging.  i love to write and i love “meeting” new people through this avenue, but lately i just don’t have much to say.

i’m torn as to where this little blog fits in.  i started this blog with the goal of being fitness/spinning oriented.  however as it evolved i feel like it went more in the miscellaneous direction, which i guess was ok. i had interesting stuff to say (in my own opionion).

but now?  i’m just not sure. i still like fitness, but aside from spinning, i’m no expert.  i do what i do and don’t really think that writing about it accomplishes anything.  i still love food and would love to start something new with more of a food focus.  thing is, on unemployment, dining out isn’t really happening too much.  dj is still cooking, so i suppose i could go in that direction, but he doesn’t do recipes, so again, what value would that provide.

bit of a quandary eh?  (in my head that sentence was british)

so i just wanted to pop in to let you know that something is on the horizon, i just don’t know what.  i’ll be back to share once i’ve figured it out.

thanks for reading my ramblings up to this point!


3 thoughts on “still here

  1. Hey there! Totally appreciate where you are coming from. I love your blog and would love to hear more from you, fitness or otherwise! I am always interested in spinning posts, there don`t seem to be a helluva lot out there so I appreciate your thoughts and experiences. As for food, totally DO EEET. You don`t need to dine out to write about food, what do you love the most about it. Cooking, farming, creating.. etc. go with it and see what happens. Whatever you decide to do, good luck and you`ll always have a loyal reader in me! :O Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, it meant so much to me.
      I’m actually in the midst of setting up a food blog 🙂 and will post a link when it’s ready.
      I will also try to keep up with the spin posts.
      Again, thank you!!

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