saturday spin

it’s sunday and i’m actually on the computer, surprising.  however it’s rainy and gross, so in that case it makes much more sense.

on a side note, you may have noticed my lack of capital letters.  or, you may not have.  i’m actually quite inconsistent with it.  the reason is that the left “shift” key (the one I use about 95% of the time) on my keyboard doesn’t always work.  I think there’s something stuck behind it, so it works when it feels like it.  it’s a royal pain and sometimes i’m motivated to use the right shift key, but other times, lowercase it is.


here’s the ride from saturday.  it was a new ride and a bit heavier on the hip-hop than usual.  i liked it although i’m not so sure the class did.  this could have been due to the music (saturday is a bit older of a crew) or the ride itself.  either way, here it is.

spin - may


and here’s the write up….
We can fly – warm up in to seated 5/10 climb with a nice pace
Come & get it – seated climb, up to standing 2 for the chorus.  ending the song with resistance about 8/10
When you gonna give it up – back to 6/10, seated climb with jumps on the chorus, ending at 7/10
Deja vu – standing climb, ending at 8+/10
bottoms up – short flat recovery than 5/10 for 6 count jumps
blurred lines – short recover on a moderate hill (5/10), then pick up the pace and hold it slightly uncomfortable while adding resistance, ending at 7/10
kiss me deadly – standing climb 8/10, pick up the pace on the chorus and add a little after every chorus
September 99 – fast climb in the saddle (6/10), hold the pace and end at 7 or 8/10
A little party – standing climb 7/10, run on the “techno” part, then back to 3, end the song heavy
Hey Baby – jumps, 6/10, 6 or 4 count jumps (i mixed it up) ended the song with 4 count jumps at 7/10

Have a great remainder of the weekend!!!


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