my apologies

i’m sorry, i’ve been a bad blogger.  aside from the sporadic posts, i’ve been pretty bad about commenting on other blogs as well as responding to comments on this here blog.  i’ve definitely been keeping up with everyone but often times it’s from my ipad and i’m probably the only person who thinks it’s a piece of crap and a pain to deal with. 🙂

my week has been ok.  not much going on the job search front paired with just not much going on in general.  plus the fact that starting midweek, both my parents and DJ were away.  but rest assured, minnie and i did what we could to stay busy.

gym wise it was a good week.
monday i went to an AM bootcamp class that I hadn’t taken in years. it was good but a bit too kettlebell focused for my tender as of late back/neck.  tuesday was class.  wednesday was boxing.  thursday i ended up subbing a class.  pre-class i did some back work and post class i hopped in to an informal zumba class.  seriously.  today is friday and i’m thinking rest day, but we’ll see.

so here’s the music from the week.




For some reason my ipod is HATING “let the bodies hit the floor”.  for the second time in a row, the song has stopped numerous times throughout, which is odd.  Note to self: need to replace that song.


spin eve 2


I like this ride, which was a good thing since the class was small (6 people) and energy was somewhat non-existent.

and that was my week.  now it’s friday and i’m thinking i’ll do some cleaning (anyone who knows me outside of here probably just fainted), a few errands, maybe a park with minnie, and then work on a spin ride.

have a great weekend!!!


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