some local wanderings

happy friday!

it’s about 4:30p on the east coast so it’s just about quittin’ time (for those of you with a 9-5).  hooray!

my day was similar to many others.  gym in the morning (kickboxing), then home for a late breakfast, hit a tag sale, then grabbed Minnie and hit the dog park for a bit, then deck time, dropped M off at the groomer, and then did a couple of errands.

On a side note, the amount of BS and pettiness that occurs at a dog park is ridiculous.  I almost wanted Minnie to be vicious today and give this woman a nice bite.  I know that’s bad to say but I think we’ve all had those moments.

While I am trying to spend as little $ as possible, I do also realize that at times i need to get out of the house.

Wednesday night we stopped at a new bakery.  I love bakeries.  I love baked goods, so i guess that makes sense.  this one specializes in cupcakes, push-pops (kind of a layer cake in a tube you push up),and cake pops.


the bakery is called Forever Sweet (if you’re ever in the neighborhood) and yes, I know that’s a horrible picture (not to mention that the lower left one is half eaten).  their ratio of icing to cake is a bit high which a sugar lover like me loves!

Yesterday was the grand opening of a new beer garden in Stamford.  Stamford has gone through a ton of development and gentrification and the beer garden was in one of these areas.

While it’s a great space and they have a nice beer selection, they were totally out of their element last night.  the waits for drinks were out of control and some of the bartenders seemed to have no clue.  What’s also cool about this spot is that while they have no food on site, they have a rotating roster of food trucks parked in front.  Last night was Lobstercraft and the Melt Mobile (which i believe was on the Food Network).

I will definitely go back but i think they need some time to iron out the kinks.  i felt like i should have been on Bar Rescue or restaurant impossible last night.

it’s quite pretty though and here’s some proof.

beerg beerg1 beerg4

For any local folks, let me know if you go or plan to.

the rest of my evening is going to be low key (aka boring).  DJ has a stag party to go to (can you feel my enthusiasm for that?) and I will likely watch tv and throw together a spin ride.

On that note, have a great night and a wonderful weekend!!!


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