Right now I’m sitting at Panera, sipping some coffee and playing with my Google nexus.

I used to spend a ton of time at Panera.  When I was out of work, I was doing some occasional consulting ( it actually started as full time but then went to occasional). The perk was that even though it was occasional work, it gave me a laptop to use, so I’d sit at Panera and use their Wi-Fi.

No laptop now, but the nexus is doing the trick.

Back then though, I taught a 6a class and then a 9:30a at a different gym. Panera was on the way and helped to break up the rush hour traffic.

It’s odd to think that now, several years later, my situation is oddly similar. This latest experience has me in my head way more than before and while it all needs to come out, I don’t think this blog is the place.

But anyway. I’m really just rambling.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m staying out of the house this morning because the cleaning lady is there. On the agenda: wrap things up here, hit the library, bank, Goodwill to donate, supermarket, and then maybe the dog park. I’m sure it sounds lovely to anyone other than me 🙂

Spin tonight though. TGFS (thank goodness for spin)!


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