Happy may y’all!  not quite sure why i’m channeling Paula Dean (plus, ignore the fact that we’re six days in to May).

My days have been rather uneventful, but I suppose that is par for the course.  My only constant is really the Tuesday and Saturday spin classes.

For Saturday this week, I did an 80s ride.  I know that people either love or hate this decade, so I gave them a heads up last week.  While the energy in the class was a little low, it was still a great ride.

Here’s the playlist, courtesy of an iTunes screenshot.

spin - 80s 4


Eye of the Tiger was the last working song.  Let me know if anyone wants my teaching notes.

Today consisted of several runs to the dump and a little tidying up.  Now i’m just trying to keep busy because I think that if I sit down, I may fall asleep.

Tomorrow the cleaning lady is coming (yes, we’re going to try to continue to use her even though I’m not working), so I need to be out of the house for most of the day.  Hope i can find something to keep me busy.

I will try to increase the frequency of my posts since now that I’ve downloaded Chrome, my computer seems sooooo much better.

Have a great Monday!!


6 thoughts on “May

  1. Great to see a new post from you Jessica! I hope all is well. First of all, love the 80’s playlist-some of the best years of my life, those 80’s!
    Funny story about the cleanning lady-the other day I overheard my husband on the phone asking for a quote for someone to ‘clean the house’. I was SO excited thinking he was hiring me a house cleaner! Found out toward the end of the conversation that it was just a company that comes and pressure washes the outside of your house. Oh well…. I guess I’m still the maid for now. At least the outside will be sparkly. 🙂 Have a good week!

  2. Really – you would share your teaching notes? I’d love to see them! I love the playlist…
    Thanks, Megan

  3. Hi Jessica—I am a fairly new spin instructor and am looking for help with rides. If I could also have your notes for this (great:) playlist, I would gladly appreciate it! Thanks!

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