Wow, I haven’t posted anything in 3 days.  Sorry about the silence.

I’m here now.  We can all breathe again.

Monday night I took Minnie Dog for a walk with my neighbor and her dog Kali.  We call them best friends.  Kali is only about a year old but is already bigger (yet thinner) than Minnie.

best friends

Tuesday was the most beautiful day.  I’d say ever, but I know that’s probably not true.  In 2013 for sure!  At lunch I sat outside on a bench in the sun for a good 45 minutes.  It was lovely.  And while I’m still quite pale, I no longer have that cadaver look.  Phew.  I did roll up my pants and feared I’d scare people away…or blind them.

Class on Tuesday had about 14 people which wasn’t too bad considering the weather was so great.  I was craving #thatPower, so I reused a ride from the Saturday class a couple weeks earlier.

spin - oct 12 12 2


This ride is no joke.  I have very little recovery wrapped in, which makes it tough.  It was perfect for Tuesday night.

Wednesday I called in “sick”.  It also started out with great weather and I took Minnie on a nice walk as well as did some errands.  It was a lovely day and I really needed it!

My original plan was to take the 6a boxing class.  Then the 12:15p, then the 5:45p.  You know what?  None of that happened.  Oh well, at least I got that walk in.

I also took a lovely instagram photo of my favorite subject.

minnie insta


She’s a model 🙂

Last night we got our first thunderstorm of the year, complete with some intense lightning.  Of course we were in the midst of using the BBQ at that time, so it made dinner way more exciting.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I gave up red meat in January.  I will occasionally have a bit of something DJ is eating, but that’s it.  It’s been very easy as I’m not a huge meat eater to begin with.  However last night I actually had a burger for dinner.  I did feel guilty but the meat was from a local butcher so I rationalized that if I was going to do it, better to do it this way.  It was quite good and now I should be good for another 3 months. 🙂

Oh yes, yesterday I finally got to a frozen yogurt place and had what may be the best flavor I have ever had…graham cracker frozen yogurt.  Seriously amazing!

So now it’s Thursday, thank goodness!

I had to run out to Sephora at lunch to pick this up.



I have serious gray issues.  Or at least I consider them serious.  I last got my hair colored on March 2nd (so about a month ago) and already have 1/4 to 1/2 gray roots in places.  My mother’s friends recommended the above product very highly, so I figured I’d pay the $25 and give it a try.  So off to Sephora I went.

The lady there tested it out on me, to determine the right color (light brown) and when I looked in the mirror I was happy to not see any gray.  It feels a bit weird to the touch, but I can deal with not touching my hair.

So this is a weak endorsement as I haven’t really used it on my own yet.  I’ll follow up when I do, which should be Saturday.

And now, back to the grind.  Have a lovely day!  Sorry for all the randomness.


Weekend recap

Good morning!

While I dislike the fact that it’s Monday, I am pretty happy about the weather for this week.  Tomorrow they’re saying 78.  Crazy considering that overnight temperatures have been near freezing.

My weekend was good.  Busy but rather uneventful as most of the busyness was due to errands. (on a side note I misspelled “busyness” as “business” which was interesting.)

Friday night I had dinner with a friend at a Greek restaurant we always go to.  They have THE BEST greek salad.  It’s super basic, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, olives, red onions, and pepperocinis (no lettuce) but it is amazing.  Plus, even in the dead of winter they have the reddest tomatoes.  Love it!

Saturday I taught (of course).  I was actually a bit deviant.  Hehehe.
The class was full with a wait list of 11 people.  #11 was a guy I knew.  I had told him his odds were low so he went in to the room before class to ride.  There’s no kind way to say this, but he STUNK.  It was bad.  Members walked in to the room for the class and everyone commented on the stench.

So it turned out that enough people didn’t show that he should have made it in to the class. However, I just couldn’t do it, since I knew he was the stinker.  So I let a girl who wasn’t even on the list in to class and then told him it was full.

Is that horrible?  What would you have done?

I do stand by my decision though. Greater good and all that 🙂

Here’s the ride.

Spin - the eve 2


Blue/yellow (maize) in honor of Michigan.  Now that Syracuse is out (and I can’t win my pool), I can root for Michigan, my sister’s alma mater.

About the ride….
Fine China was suggested by a member.  I love it.  To me it has a real Michael Jackson feel.
Let’s Go Crazy just lent itself to getting a little crazy on the heavy hill at the end.
Rock You Like a Hurricane seems to be a sampled version of the Scorpions song.  Because it’s a “dance” song, the pace is fast.
Uprising – I do like this song and it’s great for a heavy climb.  (Lots of talk on facebook about their new song, Madness, which I despise.)
Sitarfire – Nice techno-ish song with an Indian flair.  Good for keeping your pace up during a climb.

So tell me….
Whether or not you teach, what would you do about a stinky member? 
Do you think I did the right thing?
Do you like Madness by Muse?

Hope you had great weekends!

Currently it is FRIDAY!


I feel like it’s one of those days where if left to my own devices, I’d be a bit more negative than I’d like on this here bloggie.  So….instead I will do a questionnare that will hoepfully keep me on the happy side.

I grabbed this one from Lauren and Oatmeal After Spinning.


Current books:  None 😦  I did download a bunch for my eReader but a few of them are holocaust related and I’ve been in the mood for a lighter read.  Can’t seem to find any good, mindless, and cheap, chick lit.

Current music:  Anything on the radio or in class.  #thatPOWER, that P!nk and Fun guy song.

Current guilty pleasure:  Lousy TV and not working out because I’ve been tired and nauseous. (Not pregnant.)

Current nail color:  None.  I’ve been meaning to do my nails for a couple of weeks but seem to lose motivation when it comes down to it.  French manicure is what they will be once I find some motivation.

Current drink:  Water or Polar Orange Dry


Current food:  Just had sushi for lunch and will have a lovely greek style salad for dinner.

Current favorite show:  Homeland – I know it’s not on right now but when I try to come up with a show that I truly love, that’s the only one that comes up.  Or maybe House of Lies.

Current wish list:  A vacation, some time off, a new job, a new car, and a tan.

Current needs:  A vacation (I know it sounds silly but it’s getting to be a non-negotiable), a reason for my nausea, and a hug. 🙂

Current triumphs: Filling up the Tuesday night class and managing to not get sick this winter (hope I didn’t just jinx myself).

Current bane of my existence: Nausea.

Current celebrity crush:  I’m not big on celebrities.

Current indulgence: Dessert, totally had a cannoli last night.

Current blessing:  Family, friends, a job (for now), and the most amazing rescue pup ever!

Current slang: What up?  (I’m not very creative/clever.)

Current outfit: A light weight sweater, jeans, and loafers.

Current excitement:  It’s FRIDAY!!!

Current mood: Tired and frustrated yet also a little happy because of the excitement mentioned above.

Current link:, ha!

So there are my currents.  What’s currently going on with you?

I’m off to dinner tonight with a friend, then class tomorrow and a visit from my sis.  Puppy play date on Sunday and errands.  Not the most exciting weekend but it is a weekend and that is ALL that matters!!

Have a great weekend!

Nap time

Not really.

I just ate roasted turkey for lunch so i’m thinking the tryptophan might make this afternoon even harder than expected.  Plus, I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and came in late, so even though there’s nothing for me to do, I kind of feel like I should stay late to make up the time.  Guess we’ll see if I still feel that way at 5:05. 🙂

The internet is a wacky place.  It’s very entertaining.

Haven’t you always wanted this?



Or this?



OK, I actually DO want the Tetris lamp.  So cool!  Did you play Tetris?  My family was OBSESSED!


On the “Fit” Front…

I have been a total slacker.  I taught on Tuesday but that’s it.  I woke up this morning early enough to work out but chose not to.  Lazy.  In my defense I have been feeling “eh” all week.  I promised myself I’ll get back to it ASAP.  Maybe tomorrow morning but if not, I’m teaching on Saturday, so that’s non-negotiable.

Right now I kind of want a cookie.  Bad Jessica.

Have a good day!
Seen anything interesting on the interwebs lately?


Shopping…kind of

How about a nice non-spin topic for today?

I love to shop.  However, since the announcement of the acquisition at work, I’ve toned things down.  Not that I shopped like crazy before, but now I shop even less.  Every now and then though, I have to remind myself that I do still have a job, and a paycheck, so it’s OK to pick up a few things here and there.

Once the weather can manage to stay consistently above 55, I’m hoping to get back to running.  While I can tolerate the treadmill, running outside is about a gazillion times better.  In order to embark (again) on this running journey, I needed new sneakers.

While I LOVE my Brooks Pure, I found that they wore really fast and at this point their tread is almost non-existent.  Let me say that I hardly ran in the past year, so that’s not a good thing.

Buying sneakers can suck (and be expensive).  I have foot issues that are remedied by some pretty hefty orthotics.  Given the investment in my feet, I really can’t skimp on sneakers, so you probably won’t find me even entertaining something less than $75.  Maybe there are good shoes out there at that price point, but I’ve never found them.  Historically my shoes have all been right around $125.

Thankfully I was given a nice gift card to Sports Authority around the holidays.  Truth be told, I hate that store, but a gift card can make any store more pleasant. 🙂

Sports Authority does have a lot of sneakers, although a TON are Nike, which are not my favorite.  I also find that for the most part it’s very much self-service and the people who work there are definitely not in any position to answer technical questions about sneakers.

I tried on about every sneaker there.  I was there for about an hour and a half.  Crazy!  I narrowed it down to another pair of Brooks and a pair of Mizunos.  At that point, I just couldn’t figure it out.  I had tried on so many shoes that my feet hurt no matter what.

In the end, the Brooks were $150 and the Mizunos were on sale for $90, but I just wasn’t sure.  Enter the man of my dreams.  I’m kidding.  But a Sports Authority employee who actually runs +40 miles/week (and knew what he was talking about) came to my assistance.  He was able to look at my stance and then recommend one of the two shoes.  Halaleujah!

The winner??


What might possibly have been the ugliest shoe in the store, the Mizuno.  To say they are yellow would be an understatement.  They are YELLOW and they are loud and unapologetic.  But I’m OK with that.  I like color!  I actually bought a set of blue shoelaces to use instead of the yellow laces they came with.  I think it will nicely tie the sole in to the rest of the shoe.  Yes, this is how my brain works.

So now I just need to wait for the weather to catch up and then I’ll give them a go.

So that was my most recent (of interest) purchase.

Oh yeah, I also got this t-shirt this weekend.



In other areas, here’s a pair of workout pants that I’d LOVE to have.  But really, who spends almost $100 on workout pants?  Not me!

luluBut seriously, how hot are they?

So there’s my shopping-related notes.

Would you spend that much on work out pants?  Have you?  Are you a lululemon fan?



Looks like I’m going to have to yell

For anyone who was interested in the Creed cover of Riders on the Storm, I’m going to include a youtube video at the bottom of this post.  It really is great!

Unfortunately my mic power cord has not come yet.  I’m a bit disappointed since I placed the order and got shipping confirmation on 3/27 (i.e. last Wednesday, right after I realized it was frayed).  If I had confidence in my mail delivery, I’d run home at lunch to check the mail, but I don’t.  So yelling it is.

In an attempt to be somewhat proactive, I’ve already decided to go with this ride.

Spin - march 14

However I’ll need to replace the last song, which makes it a bit more complicated.  I had every intention to do it last night, then this morning, but neither happened.  So I believe I will cue up a CD to a sprint song, do the whole ride on my ipod and then switch to the CD for the last song.  Not ideal, but do-able.

I did this ride only a few weeks ago, but for the Saturday class.  While there are some repeats, most are not, and this should be a good fit for the younger group in the Tuesday class.

A couple shots of my organization and then I’ll cut the spin talk short.

spin rides
Neon index cards in the photo album. Still working on copying them over.
I’ve been using this since the beginning of 2012.


Enough of the Spin Talk.

Now dog talk. 😉

Minnie is a super fast eater.  I’ve tried a few things to slow her down, but no luck.  Somehow I came across a video of a dog using a Kong Wobbler.  I was impressed so I took advantage of my Amazon Prime membership and ordered her one.   (The video below is not the video I saw, but it will give you an idea.)


I promise I’m not working for Kong 🙂  But I was really pleased with my experience.  While Minnie is definitely not yet that savvy, it slowed her way down and may have even tired her out.  I was impressed.

I think that’s all for now.  It’s Tuesday, it’s cold, and I’m so ready for both Spring and the weekend.  Work wise we should know what is going on in the next two weeks, so that’s good.  Regardless of the outcome, it will be helpful to at least know something.

Have a great day!

Here’s the Creed video, give it a listen.

Here we are again

And we’re back at Monday.  How does this happen?

I hope all my Easter celebrating friends had a nice holiday.  Personally I partook in a large volume of egg related foods (i.e.quiche) and too many baked goods.  Pair that with a strawberry mimosa and a nap on the couch and it was actually a lovely day.

Class on Saturday was good.  I tweaked a ride I hadn’t used in ages.

Spin - Jessica 10


New songs were Zumba, Missing You, and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.  Loved them all!

I have three loyal ladies who take the 9a Zumba class and then my 10a class.  They were so excited when the Don Omar song came on.

Class wasn’t fully without incident though as my mic was out of commission.  On Tuesday my mic wasn’t getting power and I realized that the power cord had started to fray a bit.  This happens after time since it’s stored in a bag with the wire wound around the base.  On Tuesday I managed to play around with it and get some connectivity.  On Saturday I wasn’t so lucky.  I had already ordered a replacement cord but conveniently forgot.  Hopefully it will arrive today, but teaching without a mic is not fun.  You have to YELL and I had to turn down the music a few times if more complex instructions were needed.  Oh well, I survived.

After class (and showering and changing) we headed in to NYC to go to the International Auto Show (aka the Car Show).  I had never been and was looking forward to it.  My sister met us there.

We walked around for a couple of hours and saw lots of cars, including a $500K Lexus and a $1.5M Bugati.  Neither of which are my cup of tea (not that I could afford them anyway). It was nice to be able to see all the cars in one spot since my lease is up in a few months and I’ll need to choose a new car.

Post show we wanted to go to a great Peruvian restaurant but were shocked to find a one hour wait.  Instead we ended up at some random Chinese restaurant.  While we all enjoyed our food, I didn’t feel too hot after (and neither did my sister).  Regardless, it was a lovely day and the weather was just perfect for walking in the city.

Now we’re back to the work week.  Have a wonderful day!!!