A little break

So it seems that I took a little break from the good old blog.  Not intentional, but I suppose I didn’t have much to write about.

So let’s see…the weekend seems like a distant memory at this time.

Friday was an uneventful day.  I went to boxing in the morning, then to work, then home at the end of the day.  That was it.  Oh yeah, picked up sushi for dinner.  Yum!

Saturday I taught in the AM.  I put together the music for you, but the ride itself is in the car and I don’t feel like running out to get it.  If anyone is interested in the details, let me know and I’ll gladly provide them.

spin - april 19 13


The three songs in color were loosely dedicated to the events in Boston this past week.  The first one being a bit obvious and the following two being more about Freedom/Patriotism than Boston.  I think it worked.

There are a couple of random songs in there, so I’ll throw up some youtube videos at the end of this post. (Sunchyme is apparently by Dario G, not Diario, oops!)

Class started out with a little drama and “Mean Instructor Jessica” made an appearance.  Honestly, I wasn’t all that mean, but I was tired of dealing with BS.  One woman (a regular) had saved a bike for another woman.  At 9:59 that woman was not there, so the saving woman removed her bag from the bike.  At the same time, I let the waitlist folks come in and one guy chose that bike.  He set it up, hopped on and started pedaling.  At this time, the woman who the bike was saved for came in and apparently told the man that it was “her bike”.  Um, no.  He started to gather his stuff and then I told him that no, he did not have to move.  There was another bike available and this woman would have to take it.  Really folks?  I don’t care if you spin every single day, rules still apply.

Thanks for letting me vent. 🙂

After class Miss Minnie had a play date with another dog named Rosie.  They ran and played and it was great.  Pup was pooped.

I snapped this photo of her lying in the backseat on the way home.  What makes me laugh is that to me, it looks like a photo shoot setting when in fact it’s just a sheet draped over my backseat.

photo shoot


Saturday night we went to a BBQ at a friend’s house and I ate WAY TOO MUCH.  Gross.  I also partook in some very delicious sangria.

Sunday morning we were up early to hit up some tag sales and garage sales.  Does anyone else LOVE going to these sales?  My parents always did the tag/garage/estate sale thing, so I guess it’s in my genes.

We didn’t have a ton of luck, but did manage to score two mini muffin tins, stemless wineglasses, a Giants ornament, and a pasta maker; all for $15.  Woohoo!

I had a bridal shower to attend in the afternoon and when I got home we set out to make pasta.

The problem with making pasta is that it needs to sit somewhere until you’re ready to cook it.  We didn’t think of that so we had to get creative.



It might be hard to tell, but we propped a skewer up between our SodaStream and the Vitamix.  Ghetto pasta!

Overall it tasted good.  DJ got a little overzealous and decided to cut the pasta himself, which resulted in thicker pasta, which when cooked, became super thick.  However it still tasted great.  He also experimented a bit with crab ravioli.

So for our first attempt, I’d say it was pretty successful…and kind of fun.

Yesterday I took a sick day and here I am today.  Class tonight. It’s cold and a bit gray so I’m hoping that helps the numbers.

Have a great day!  Have you ever made pasta?  Do you use a recipe?  What’s your favorite pasta shape?  (mine is spaghetti)

Here are the youtube clips.


4 thoughts on “A little break

  1. You go, mean Jessica!! I would have done the same. That kind of stuff ticks me right off! Sometimes I feel like my spinners are worse than my kindergarten kids. Jeeesh!

    And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sunchyme! 🙂

    Favortite pasta shape? I’m a rigatoni kinda girl. You can fit one in your mouth all at once and there’s no messy twirling involved. My husband loves spaghetti and linguini. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂

  2. It’s too bad that you have to “discipline” people in the class. They should know better!
    When I first saw the pic of Minnie I did think it was a professional photo background 🙂

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