Mic check

There are words that people use in emails that are frequently spelled wrong.

For example….mic (usually spelled mike) and antsy (often spelled ancy).  Random, yes, but I thought of this as I was typing up the subject using the word “mic”.  It’s short for microphone, not mikerophone.  Am I an a$$?

But I digress.

I use a mic for teaching spinning.  I’ve found that about half of isntructors use a micrphone.  I personally prefer it, as it is nice to actually hear what the instructor is saying.

In my experience, most gyms don’t provide their own microphones and when they do, you might not even want to use them.  One gym provided a receiver as well as a headset.  Yes, one headset to be shared amongst all the instructors.  They suggested you have your own spit-guard (my words, not theirs) and change them out before class.  Like that would make it better.  It was a gross idea and no one used it.  At another gym, they had a microphone stand positioned at the front of the handlebars.  This was also awkward because you kind of had to lean forward from any position to have your mouth near the microphone.  Gyms are strange.

So long story short, I have my own microphone.  I’ve used quite a few over the years and found that no matter what, something seems to break right around the year/year and a half mark.  It is for that reason that I don’t think it’s worth spending +$200 for a microphone.  And while it can be deducted on your taxes, it’s still coming out of my pocket.

My last mic just died, as I mentioned, so I finally bit the bullet and replaced it.

Since I have been asked about my mic before, I figured I’d just share the details here.



This is the SAMSON Stage 55 wireless headset microphone system.

I bought mine from Sam Ash for $129.  This is the system I have purchased 75% of the time.

This time however, I purchased the 2 year extended warranty in hopes that the next issue won’t result in me having to purchase a new system.

For any instructor friends, do you use a mic?  What kind?
For non instructors, do your instructors wear a mic?  Do you prefer it?


6 thoughts on “Mic check

  1. I feel like I know you well enough to say yes, you are indeed an a$$. Just kidding. It’s kind of like the your/you’re thing. Drives me nuts. I DO use a mike (j/k-mic) when I teach and it is provided by the club. Very few other instructors use it and I do bring my own spit guard (aka-windscreen). It doesn’t really gross me out to be honest.
    I have of certainly had times that the mic was not working and I had to go without. I have to tell you-not a fan at all. I like my music pretty loud, so It’s difficult for me to project my voice and it definitely does a number on my vocal chords.
    I have also attended classes where the instructor didn’t use a mic and it drove me crazy, because I could not hear the instructor at all.
    I will definitely keep this info in my back pocket in case my gym ever decides to stop providing us with a mic-Thanks!

    1. Nothing wrong with having issues with spelling/grammar errors, right?
      As I always say, good thing I never make mistakes myself. Ha!
      I think sharing a mic with some instructors wouldn’t gross me out, but others would.
      I’m with you on loud music and a mic makes it so much easier. I get pretty winded when I have to yell and pedal.
      I think we’re on the same page (as usual)!

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