GPS Watch

I’m thinking about getting a GPS watch for running (or biking).  I’d like to think that by buying something like this, I’ll be more committed to running.

I know everyone loves the big hunking Garmin, but dropping several hundred is just not an option right now.

However I do know that Garmin has a more affordable option; as does Timex.  I wondered if any of you had any thoughts on either.


The Garmin Forerunner 10 – Retails about $125


The Timex Marathon Watch – Found the blue one on Amazon for $71

Neither of them have a foot pod, so it seems like both focus on average speed, not actual speed.  I know i’m slow, so average would probably be fine.

Do you use either of these?  Do you recommend another brand?

I’ve used Timex heart-rate monitors in the past and I was always pleased with them.

Thanks in advance for any input!


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