We’ve all seen the news, the pictures, the videos.  We’ve also all seen the signs of support across the country.

While I could write a whole post about what happened yesterday, I know we’re all thinking about it anyway, so why not attempt to resume some normalcy.  Sometimes a little distraction is just what you need.

So I will ramble…  🙂

Work is a pretty unpleasant place lately.  The mood is really lackluster and yesterday specifically, quite a few people were out, so the office was even quieter than usual.

In a rebellious moment, I decided that during my lunch break I’d go to the gym.  Imagine that!  I think we get 45 minutes, but to my knowledge most people take an hour.  Most days I don’t even leave for lunch, so I kind of felt like it wasn’t that bad.  I figured I could get there and back in just over an hour.

Only issue was, I had left my headphones at home, so I had to add a trip to CVS into the mix.

So I finally made it to the gym and it felt good.  Good to work out but also just a little bad-ass to be there in the middle of the day.  I ran a mile, hopped off and did a bunch of pushups, then ran a half a mile, and hopped off again to do more pushups and some planks. I had every intention of doing another half mile but then I ran in to a trainer/friend I hadn’t seen in ages.  The best laid plans…  So we chatted and I gave up on the last half mile.

I changed back into my work clothes, kind of gross, I know, and then headed back to the office.  An hour and a half later (oops!), I was back at my desk.  If I hadn’t run in to my friend it probably would have been closer to the hour fifteen mark, but what can you do?

As a disclaimer, I wouldn’t do this on a normal day, but yesterday it just worked.

Class tonight and I’m hoping to select my ride this afternoon, so I’ll post it later today or tomorrow.

Back to the grind.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have and just how fragile everything is.


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