Wow, I haven’t posted anything in 3 days.  Sorry about the silence.

I’m here now.  We can all breathe again.

Monday night I took Minnie Dog for a walk with my neighbor and her dog Kali.  We call them best friends.  Kali is only about a year old but is already bigger (yet thinner) than Minnie.

best friends

Tuesday was the most beautiful day.  I’d say ever, but I know that’s probably not true.  In 2013 for sure!  At lunch I sat outside on a bench in the sun for a good 45 minutes.  It was lovely.  And while I’m still quite pale, I no longer have that cadaver look.  Phew.  I did roll up my pants and feared I’d scare people away…or blind them.

Class on Tuesday had about 14 people which wasn’t too bad considering the weather was so great.  I was craving #thatPower, so I reused a ride from the Saturday class a couple weeks earlier.

spin - oct 12 12 2


This ride is no joke.  I have very little recovery wrapped in, which makes it tough.  It was perfect for Tuesday night.

Wednesday I called in “sick”.  It also started out with great weather and I took Minnie on a nice walk as well as did some errands.  It was a lovely day and I really needed it!

My original plan was to take the 6a boxing class.  Then the 12:15p, then the 5:45p.  You know what?  None of that happened.  Oh well, at least I got that walk in.

I also took a lovely instagram photo of my favorite subject.

minnie insta


She’s a model 🙂

Last night we got our first thunderstorm of the year, complete with some intense lightning.  Of course we were in the midst of using the BBQ at that time, so it made dinner way more exciting.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I gave up red meat in January.  I will occasionally have a bit of something DJ is eating, but that’s it.  It’s been very easy as I’m not a huge meat eater to begin with.  However last night I actually had a burger for dinner.  I did feel guilty but the meat was from a local butcher so I rationalized that if I was going to do it, better to do it this way.  It was quite good and now I should be good for another 3 months. 🙂

Oh yes, yesterday I finally got to a frozen yogurt place and had what may be the best flavor I have ever had…graham cracker frozen yogurt.  Seriously amazing!

So now it’s Thursday, thank goodness!

I had to run out to Sephora at lunch to pick this up.



I have serious gray issues.  Or at least I consider them serious.  I last got my hair colored on March 2nd (so about a month ago) and already have 1/4 to 1/2 gray roots in places.  My mother’s friends recommended the above product very highly, so I figured I’d pay the $25 and give it a try.  So off to Sephora I went.

The lady there tested it out on me, to determine the right color (light brown) and when I looked in the mirror I was happy to not see any gray.  It feels a bit weird to the touch, but I can deal with not touching my hair.

So this is a weak endorsement as I haven’t really used it on my own yet.  I’ll follow up when I do, which should be Saturday.

And now, back to the grind.  Have a lovely day!  Sorry for all the randomness.


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