Weekend recap

Good morning!

While I dislike the fact that it’s Monday, I am pretty happy about the weather for this week.  Tomorrow they’re saying 78.  Crazy considering that overnight temperatures have been near freezing.

My weekend was good.  Busy but rather uneventful as most of the busyness was due to errands. (on a side note I misspelled “busyness” as “business” which was interesting.)

Friday night I had dinner with a friend at a Greek restaurant we always go to.  They have THE BEST greek salad.  It’s super basic, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, olives, red onions, and pepperocinis (no lettuce) but it is amazing.  Plus, even in the dead of winter they have the reddest tomatoes.  Love it!

Saturday I taught (of course).  I was actually a bit deviant.  Hehehe.
The class was full with a wait list of 11 people.  #11 was a guy I knew.  I had told him his odds were low so he went in to the room before class to ride.  There’s no kind way to say this, but he STUNK.  It was bad.  Members walked in to the room for the class and everyone commented on the stench.

So it turned out that enough people didn’t show that he should have made it in to the class. However, I just couldn’t do it, since I knew he was the stinker.  So I let a girl who wasn’t even on the list in to class and then told him it was full.

Is that horrible?  What would you have done?

I do stand by my decision though. Greater good and all that 🙂

Here’s the ride.

Spin - the eve 2


Blue/yellow (maize) in honor of Michigan.  Now that Syracuse is out (and I can’t win my pool), I can root for Michigan, my sister’s alma mater.

About the ride….
Fine China was suggested by a member.  I love it.  To me it has a real Michael Jackson feel.
Let’s Go Crazy just lent itself to getting a little crazy on the heavy hill at the end.
Rock You Like a Hurricane seems to be a sampled version of the Scorpions song.  Because it’s a “dance” song, the pace is fast.
Uprising – I do like this song and it’s great for a heavy climb.  (Lots of talk on facebook about their new song, Madness, which I despise.)
Sitarfire – Nice techno-ish song with an Indian flair.  Good for keeping your pace up during a climb.

So tell me….
Whether or not you teach, what would you do about a stinky member? 
Do you think I did the right thing?
Do you like Madness by Muse?

Hope you had great weekends!


10 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Oh, I have a very stinky woman that comes to my classes. The other members have complained quite a bit. (I should also mention that she is a sweetheart-donated $250 to me for my RIde coming up in May.) One of my regulars put together a small basket with deodorant and other toiletries along with a complimentary t-shirt that I had laying around from a recent Spin a thon type fundraiser. She gave it to her and told her that they had put all of the Spin a thon particpants name in a hat and she had won it. It did help for a little bit, but she still is stinky sometimes. I wonder if it’s a medical issue. She’s also kind of a hippie, so maybe she’s against deodorant? That’s definitely a tough one.

  2. OMG! LOL. I’m with you on that one. While it’s breaking the rules – its for the benefit of you AND the class!! I hate getting stuck in a class with a stinker. You can’t escape! You’re trapped! You should pat yourself on the back for doing a good deed! 😉

    What Greek place did you go to? Eos?

  3. hahah I would have done the same thing. Stinkers in class are not fun or funny – maybe he’ll get the hint!
    The ride looks great, I’ll have to give it a go! I just posted one today too.. maybe you’ll like it. Thanks for sharing and have a GREAT Monday!

  4. Jessica- this is one I your funniest blogs! Idk if that’s what you meant it to be but I just love how you write! It’s not phony type stuff, you tell it like it is sista! Haha I’m the one that started that but about madness!! I followed one of the MI rides and she included that song and I thought ‘ hmmm not crazy but SHE used it so it must be good’ WRONG!!! HATEd IT! Lol dislike button please! I do love uprising though!!
    AND SOOO FUNNY about MR SMELLY dude!! I laughed so hard as I could see you doing that and I would do the same thing!! I wonder if he sweats & smells like this every time?? Any way I probably would of done the same or maybe if I knew him well enuf I’d say do you have another shirt you can change into?? This is a great ? For Former Cycling Instructors site and I’m going to post !!!
    I like your ride! Suggestion, couple years ago you had a ride I loved. You had gone to Costa Rica ?! ?? And biked/hiked up to a waterfall ride. I remember a Santana song and bob marley ‘the sun is shining’ I ts riders when we get to the top we are through the clouds and the sun will shine! CN you revisit that one and update maybe a ssinf or two!! I bet your riders would live it!
    May I recommend you join Spotify? We are all on there….
    Hope your Monday is going well and thanks for the laughs! Keep it real girl, love hearing about everyday life!
    Marianne Albretsen

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