Nap time

Not really.

I just ate roasted turkey for lunch so i’m thinking the tryptophan might make this afternoon even harder than expected.  Plus, I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and came in late, so even though there’s nothing for me to do, I kind of feel like I should stay late to make up the time.  Guess we’ll see if I still feel that way at 5:05. 🙂

The internet is a wacky place.  It’s very entertaining.

Haven’t you always wanted this?



Or this?



OK, I actually DO want the Tetris lamp.  So cool!  Did you play Tetris?  My family was OBSESSED!


On the “Fit” Front…

I have been a total slacker.  I taught on Tuesday but that’s it.  I woke up this morning early enough to work out but chose not to.  Lazy.  In my defense I have been feeling “eh” all week.  I promised myself I’ll get back to it ASAP.  Maybe tomorrow morning but if not, I’m teaching on Saturday, so that’s non-negotiable.

Right now I kind of want a cookie.  Bad Jessica.

Have a good day!
Seen anything interesting on the interwebs lately?



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