Looks like I’m going to have to yell

For anyone who was interested in the Creed cover of Riders on the Storm, I’m going to include a youtube video at the bottom of this post.  It really is great!

Unfortunately my mic power cord has not come yet.  I’m a bit disappointed since I placed the order and got shipping confirmation on 3/27 (i.e. last Wednesday, right after I realized it was frayed).  If I had confidence in my mail delivery, I’d run home at lunch to check the mail, but I don’t.  So yelling it is.

In an attempt to be somewhat proactive, I’ve already decided to go with this ride.

Spin - march 14

However I’ll need to replace the last song, which makes it a bit more complicated.  I had every intention to do it last night, then this morning, but neither happened.  So I believe I will cue up a CD to a sprint song, do the whole ride on my ipod and then switch to the CD for the last song.  Not ideal, but do-able.

I did this ride only a few weeks ago, but for the Saturday class.  While there are some repeats, most are not, and this should be a good fit for the younger group in the Tuesday class.

A couple shots of my organization and then I’ll cut the spin talk short.

spin rides
Neon index cards in the photo album. Still working on copying them over.
I’ve been using this since the beginning of 2012.


Enough of the Spin Talk.

Now dog talk. 😉

Minnie is a super fast eater.  I’ve tried a few things to slow her down, but no luck.  Somehow I came across a video of a dog using a Kong Wobbler.  I was impressed so I took advantage of my Amazon Prime membership and ordered her one.   (The video below is not the video I saw, but it will give you an idea.)


I promise I’m not working for Kong 🙂  But I was really pleased with my experience.  While Minnie is definitely not yet that savvy, it slowed her way down and may have even tired her out.  I was impressed.

I think that’s all for now.  It’s Tuesday, it’s cold, and I’m so ready for both Spring and the weekend.  Work wise we should know what is going on in the next two weeks, so that’s good.  Regardless of the outcome, it will be helpful to at least know something.

Have a great day!

Here’s the Creed video, give it a listen.


4 thoughts on “Looks like I’m going to have to yell

    1. Any good songs this morning?
      The Kong is pretty cool. It’s bigger than I thought and harder, so it might make noise on a wood floor, but that’s a small compromise for slowing down my speed eater.

  1. When Kostas used to spend the day in a crate, I’d give him a Kong full of peanut butter and treats to keep him entertained for a while. This AM I shot out of bed at 5am because I thought one of the dogs was chocking…nope–just Kostas ripping apart a cardboard box. Naughty, naughty.

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