Here we are again

And we’re back at Monday.  How does this happen?

I hope all my Easter celebrating friends had a nice holiday.  Personally I partook in a large volume of egg related foods (i.e.quiche) and too many baked goods.  Pair that with a strawberry mimosa and a nap on the couch and it was actually a lovely day.

Class on Saturday was good.  I tweaked a ride I hadn’t used in ages.

Spin - Jessica 10


New songs were Zumba, Missing You, and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.  Loved them all!

I have three loyal ladies who take the 9a Zumba class and then my 10a class.  They were so excited when the Don Omar song came on.

Class wasn’t fully without incident though as my mic was out of commission.  On Tuesday my mic wasn’t getting power and I realized that the power cord had started to fray a bit.  This happens after time since it’s stored in a bag with the wire wound around the base.  On Tuesday I managed to play around with it and get some connectivity.  On Saturday I wasn’t so lucky.  I had already ordered a replacement cord but conveniently forgot.  Hopefully it will arrive today, but teaching without a mic is not fun.  You have to YELL and I had to turn down the music a few times if more complex instructions were needed.  Oh well, I survived.

After class (and showering and changing) we headed in to NYC to go to the International Auto Show (aka the Car Show).  I had never been and was looking forward to it.  My sister met us there.

We walked around for a couple of hours and saw lots of cars, including a $500K Lexus and a $1.5M Bugati.  Neither of which are my cup of tea (not that I could afford them anyway). It was nice to be able to see all the cars in one spot since my lease is up in a few months and I’ll need to choose a new car.

Post show we wanted to go to a great Peruvian restaurant but were shocked to find a one hour wait.  Instead we ended up at some random Chinese restaurant.  While we all enjoyed our food, I didn’t feel too hot after (and neither did my sister).  Regardless, it was a lovely day and the weather was just perfect for walking in the city.

Now we’re back to the work week.  Have a wonderful day!!!


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