What would you do?

So apparently the shoe tape dispenser is way more common than I knew of.  First thing this morning my aunt sent me a text of a black stilleto dispenser! 🙂  Yesterday Maria commented that she had a red closed toe version.  Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock!  Who knew?

On my drive to work this morning, one of the radio stations posed a very interesting question…

If you worked in a small office, let’s say 13 people, and 12 of those people chipped in to buy a lotto ticket.  That lotto ticket won $1M.  Would you share the winnings with the 13th person who didn’t buy?

What’s your gut instinct?

My gut says no.  But then my conscience kicks in and I go to yes/maybe.  Divided by 12 it’s about $83k per person.  Divided by 13 it’s about $76k.

It seemed like most of the people on the radio were saying that they would share the money.  Actually, most men said they would share, while most females said they wouldn’t.  Oops!

I guess this is based on an actual situation.  Here’s the article.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

So, i’m super duper glad that today is Friday!  Like words can’t even explain how happy.  This has been a rough week for me; long and lackluster.  My energy level has been sub par all week, but now it’s almost done.

We hit up boxing this morning and my energy level there was still just eh.  But we were there and we sweated, so it was worth it.

This weekend i’m teaching and then off to the car show.

Have a lovely weekend (and a happy Easter)!


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