Thursday trip to Target

Happy Thursday!

I probably shouldn’t put this in writing, but work is sloooooow and weird.  With all the changes going up in the air, it seems that some people are sort of just left to float along until things are official and we find out what is going to happen to us.  It’s horrible!

Given how slow things are, I ventured to Target at lunch.  I had to return something but then I took my time and picked up a few random items.

First, something I didn’t buy.  It made me laugh to even see this among the rest of the tape dispensers.



Do you think they sell a lot of these?  I don’t.  It’s SCOTCH brand.  So weird.

I also bought these.



Because I’m going to make another recipe off one of my favorite sites, With Sprinkles on Top. (that link will take you right to the Cadbury Mini Eggs Blondies recipe.)

Then this….

green glitter  index

That would be a green glitter photo album and neon (can’t tell from the photo) index cards.

For months now (maybe years), I’ve struggled with how to organize my spin rides.   When I first started teaching, I was using only CDs so it was simple enough to put a ride outline in with a CD my handy dandy CD case (which I still have).  Presently I have a big old pile of rides, many of which I no longer use.  Therefore I thought it was in my best interest to try to get organized.

I’m kind of excited about this (perhaps I have issues) and hope it’s successful.  If nothing else, it will be pretty. 🙂

I also bought these to share with my coworkers.


The cream inside is yellow and I have to say that it really resembles an egg yolk (in appearance, definitely not taste).  I love oreos!

So tell me how you keep things organized?  Workouts?  Spin rides?  Recipes?  (anything you have a lot of)



7 thoughts on “Thursday trip to Target

  1. Very funny tape dispenser! Great idea to use the notecards.
    I should organize my recipes but I have a folder and I just throw them in there–print outs, notes, recipes from magazines, etc.

  2. i write my spin “lesson plans” on large index cards and keep them in a baggie in my gym bag. i also write the date i last used it on the back so i don’t repeat it too soon or often.

    1. I have a planner/calendar that I write all my classes on. I actually still have some of the original pages from when I first started teaching.
      I used to use index cards and then stopped, but I’m obviously going back to them now.

  3. I keep my ride notes on index cards in a basket arranged by date. I rarely do an entire playlist over again (only if I’m subbing), but I do go back to check notes on individual songs. I don’t consider myself terribly organized. Good luck and let us know how your new system works!

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