A child of the 80s

No music to post today as aside from lifting a fork to my mouth, I did nothing physical yesterday.  But that’s OK.

While I was home yesterday, my sister and cousin and I reminisced a bit about shows/movies we LOVED when we were younger.

If you were not a child of the 80s you may think these were bizarre or even scary.

A couple of examples…

Fairie Tale Theater with Shelly Long

fairie frog
The frog was actually Robin Williams. This was the Frog Prince.
fairie radish
I can’t remember which this was, but she was pregnant and craving radishes.
A couple scene shots from various movies.


Hugga Bunch – a movie (we think) where the main character goes through the mirror to be with her toys.

This is when the toy first comes through the mirror.


Have I scared you yet?  Anyone remember these???

After dinner we reminisced a bit by looking at wedding and bat mitzvah albums.  Also very entertaining!

I have a picture of me from my bat mitzvah (early 90s), but it’s in a text and I can’t upload it.  Hopefully I’ll get it via email soon and I can share it with you.  You will laugh, I guarantee it.

Looking at old pictures is so fun!

So tell me, what’s your favorite 80s or early 90s memory?


4 thoughts on “A child of the 80s

    1. LOVED inspector gadget! Just googled Hey Dude, bc it sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. I still don’t remember details, but I definitely watched it.
      I definitely miss the TV of the 80s and 90s.

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