Ah ha! and randoms

I think I mentioned briefly yesterday that I had a hard time sleeping (and staying asleep) on Thursday night.  As a side note, I consider myself an excellent sleeper and the only thing that messes with that is a) extreme stress or b) sleeping in too late or napping during the day.  On Thursday I had done neither, so I was stumped.

The only thing I did differently was to have some diet soda at dinner.  The caffeine in soda doesn’t bother me, so I didn’t think much of it.  Until yesterday when DJ mentioned that he thought that Pepsi Max (what I drank) was caffeine free.  I didn’t believe this, so to the interwebs I went to prove him wrong.  (It’s what I do.)

Turns out that Pepsi Max is a little different.  Per Wikipedia…. the US drink’s ingredient label mentions ginseng, and that drink contains nearly twice as much caffeine as Diet Pepsi (46 mg vs. 24 mg per 8 fl oz).

My ah ha moment!

And now the randoms…

  • I like House music.  I did not know that.  In my attempt to find a Pandora station that I enjoyed, I tried many genres and finally found the House station.  I think I started laughing when I realized that I liked it.  Who knew?
  • Being a character at Disney would probably be the WORST job for me.  Ever.  As someone who is eh about kids, I can’t imagine stranger’s children coming up to hug me all day.  Scary.
  • My plans for the weekend mainly fell through and I am actually quite excited to have some me-time with no obligations.
  • I LOVE Fridays.  As if you didn’t know.
  • I’m going to try buying Minnie an antler.  Deal here.  Apparently they’re really good for dogs and last longer than other chew things.
  • My sister is coming up to visit on Sunday and then I’ll see her again on Monday as I’m headed to my parents house for passover.

That’s all over here.  Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend!!!


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