Someone is ready to go home

Who can it be?

I’m having a tired day.  I had a meeting today at 11, which ended at 11:20a.  For some reason, when I walked back to my desk I was sure it was 3pm.  Imagine my disappointment.  What was weird though, is that I didn’t even take in to account the fact that I hadn’t eaten lunch.  So the day has been disappointing ever since. 🙂

We hit a 6a boxing class this morning.  I slept just so-so and while I was definitely awake, I really didn’t want to get out of bed.  But I did.  And of course it was worth it.  It’s so nice to have your workout done before work.  It really is.

Most days an early workout gives me energy, for some reason that’s not happening today.  Oh well, I will survive.

Class this morning was fun.  I almost wanted to call it rhythmic boxing because the cadence with which we punched was matched to the beat of a song.  This was possibly a bit more cardio focused and less true boxing, but that’s OK.  I enjoyed it.

I don’t have a ton of things going on so I will keep this short and end with my favorite video ever, for a good laugh on a Thursday.

The Landlord (it wouldn’t let me embed the video)

Do you have a favorite funny video?


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