‘Tis Tuesday

My apologies for not posting my weekend ride sooner.

Here it is.

Spin - march 14I know it’s a little obnoxious, but I was channeling an Easter egg in hopes of some Spring weather making it’s way to the NE.  Soon I hope!

The ride above has a couple of “Irish” songs in honor of St. Pat’s day, but really, other than the last song, they’re not blatantly Irish and therefore I plan to use this ride again, I’ll just swap out the last song.  As usual, my descriptions are pretty vague, so if anyone has questions, please let me know.

Quite a few of my Shazam songs are on this ride and it’s rather current (Top 40), but it was great and the riders loved it.

My Monday was pretty uneventful.  I seem to be fighting off a little cold so my motivation was low and I went straight home after work to relax.  Minnie’s friend Kali (our chocolate lab neighbor) was outside, so they got to play a bit.  I was very happy that she got tired out without me having to take her on a tour of the neighborhood.

It snowed last night which was pretty but then turned into rain and by this morning the roads were for the most part just fine.

The work days have really been a struggle though.  Since learning that we were being acquired there’s a lot of the unknown which has resulted in a decline in the morale.  It’s very hard to deal with and it makes coming to work tough.  Part of me just wants to book a trip for next week to somewhere warm.  Nothing like leaving all your issues behind. 🙂

Yesterday, after much thought, I made a difficult decision and decided not to partake in Spin Odyssey this year.  This was a tough one.  If you’re new to my blog you may not have heard me sing the praises of this event.  It’s essentially a spin-a-thon which raises money for Breast Cancer research via the American Cancer Society.  It’s a powerful event and we raise a great amount of money.  Last year we raised over $350K!  See my recap here.

I’ve participated in this event for the past three years and was given the honor of presenting (teaching) for an hour last year.  Unfortunately there were quite a few behind the scenes things that left a bad taste in my mouth.  Add to that the uncertainty going on with me right now, as well as the time-commitment required  and I just felt that I couldn’t commit myself to such an obligation.

As other bloggers have mentioned, it can be very hard to say not to things.  However once the shock has worn off, we’re typically glad we did.  I’m still in the shock phase but know that I made the right decision for me, and sometimes that is what matters most.

At least that removed one thing from my mind.  Now to deal with the others…

Looking forward to class tonight and hopefully being able to take some frustrations out on the bike.

Hope you’re having wonderful days!!




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