Weekend recap

Good morning and happy Monday!

Anyone else feeling a bit groggy this AM?  I probably did have a bit too much fun on St. Pat’s day, but I also went to bed early, so I should be bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Should be.

I’ll start with Sunday and rewind a bit.

Sunday was St. Pat’s day and we had planned to live it up and go out early in order to be home at a reasonable time.  We planned for 9:30a but got to the bar around 11a.  Our neighbor was nice enough to drop us off and pick us up.  (We have the best neighbors!).

I didn’t bring my camera but did manage to find some pictures on facebook.  I was wearing a green fuzzy headband thingy which made finding me a bit easier.  I even managed to sort of find myself in these pictures.

I had never been to a St. Pat’s celebration at this bar but it is HUGE.  They have a large parking lot out back which they use for a bar, a stage, food, bathrooms, etc.  It’s actually quite impressive.  However what impressed me, the old lady, most, was that everyone seemed to be nice and I did not get annoyed.  That is rare.

oneills oneills2 oneills3

We called it a day somewhere around 4:30p which was perfect.  It gave us enough time to relax and eat before having to call it a night.  DJ and I don’t always do things like this enough, so it was great.  And thankfully I feel fine today 🙂

Saturday night we had about 7 people over for pizza which of course was delicious.

Of course we had the usual cheese, sausage and cheese, and margharita, but chef DJ also tried two new pies using meat from an awesome local butcher.

The first was based around a lamb sasusage that they sell called the Rockin’ Moroccan.







The second was a take on the most amazing burger we had a couple of weeks ago and used dry aged ground beef, bacon, and gouda.  This was one of those pies that you almost needed a fork and knife for.

pizza5 pizza6


I don’t eat lamb so I didn’t partake in that pie, but from what everyone was saying it was incredibly delicious.  While I’m currently trying not to eat red meat, I did have to try the cheese burger pie and it was quite tasty!

Rewinding to Saturday morning, class was great.  I put together a new ride and will post it later today (once I grab my ipod from the car).

Friday night i hit up a few stores in search of my green outfit for Sunday and then grabbed takeout sushi.

And that my friends, was my weekend.  Too bad it’s over.

I hope you have lovely weekends!



3 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Looks like O’Neils to me! I love it there but oddly enough, have never been on St. Patty’s day. I did not celebrate other than running the 5k and the parade last week. St Patty’s day is much more fun when you do not have to wake up for work in the morning. 😉
    Again, your pizzas leave me drooling!! yum!

    1. A 5K would have been a smarter weekend activity 🙂
      I was surprised by how enjoyable it was at O’Neills. I don’t love crowds so I was nervous.
      If/when we open a pizza place, I will let you know! 🙂

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