Finally Friday

This has been one of the loooooongest weeks ever!  The weekend needs to start now.

So let’s see…things have been pretty uneventful in the last day.

I wasn’t feeling 100% yesterday so I ended up going straight home after work.  I had planned on a nice walk with dog face but it was too darn cold, so we did a short walk and then ran around the house like lunatics for a bit.  I got out of breath so I guess i could consider that exercise.

I had wanted to make these awesome cupcakes from With Sprinkles on Top but when I thought about the effort involved (six bowls) I gave up.

But really, aren’t they beautiful?  I will make them at some point for sure.


I attempted to be proactive and put together a spin ride for Saturday.  I didn’t succeed fully but did throw together about 30 minutes worth of music.  I hope to get back to that tonight or tomorrow morning.

DJ came home last night a bit tipsy, although he won’t admit it.  His voice and his behavior changes, it’s kind of hard to miss.  But clearly when you’re the one changing, you have no clue.  He decided it was time to play around with the dog.  He put a plastic bag on her tail and then while I was in the bathroom, he took off the shirt he was wearing and put it on her.


It’s his paintball team’s shirt/logo, so he was pretty excited about this.  Clearly she wasn’t.

This morning we were up and at ’em early for a 6a kickboxing class.

I have never taken a kick boxing class (that I can remember).  While i think I’d be fine with a no-contact class, kicking the bag hurt.  I had red shins and hurting knees when we were done.  I prefer boxing but will continue to throw kickboxing in to the mix to keep me on my toes.  I’m also horribly awkward at kicking forward with my left leg.  Side kick, fine, forward, weird.

As I mentioned, I’m glad it’s the weekend.  I’ve had so much going through my head that it’s a lot to take in.  At the top of my list is definitely the change happening at work and what might (or might not) happen going forward.  It’s a great big unknown and that can be tough.  As someone who has been laid off from two jobs in the past 4 years, it’s scary to think about.  I’ll cut myself off there as I could definitely ramble on about this topic for paragraphs (and possibly lose any readers I did have).

On that note, only half a work day to go and then freedom!!

Any fun St. Patrick’s day plans?  Other weekend plans?

Pizza night tomorrow so pictures to come!


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