Man it’s dark

It is very dark at 5am.  Very.  What’s messed up is that it’s still dark at 6:30am and it’s just starting to get light at 7am.

I love the time of day just before the sun comes up over the horizon.  The sky is starting to get lighter and everything seems fresh and new.  That’s the time of the day that makes me want to run.  I want to be outside at this time.  Right now that time is right around 7a which is just too late.  Darn time change.

In case you need me to spell it out, I was up early this morning.  We hit up the 6a boxing class this morning.  I felt like we were leaving the house in the middle of the night.  It was DARK.  But we made it and had a nice workout.

We had to leave about 10 minutes early because I had a big meeting at 8:30a and could not risk being late.

I used my new gloves.



They ‘re so pretty and of course i’m a sucker for anything breast cancer related.  They’re gel gloves so they’re a bit heavier than any other gloves I’ve used.  I definitely felt the additional weight this morning.  We’re only talking ounces but it felt like pounds.

While my hands aren’t as beat up this time (new get wraps) they’re still a little worse for the wear.  Guess I’m clearly a wimp who hasn’t done much manual labor in her life. 🙂

It does feel very good to have already worked out and know that after work I can just hang out with DJ and the Minnie.

Class last night was great.  Another strong 19 member class, which is awesome. Two weeks in a row.

I used this ride (which I used a couple weeks ago on Saturday).  It was the perfect ride for the class.

Spin - feb


And since I’m a bit all over the place today, I’ll end with a new snack I’m loving.


I will admit that they’re sweet and definitely not light on the sugar but when you’re craving something sweet, they will definitely do the trick.  Two bars for pack and each pack has 190 calories so still way better than say a piece of cake.

With that it’s time to get on with my hump day.  Have a great day!!

If you work out in the AM, are you finding it harder this week?
Any snack recommendations?



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