Trashy TV star

For some reason, the Jerry Springer show has come up in two separate conversations over the past 5 days.

You may not know that the Springer show and it’s relative the Steve Wilkos show both film here in Stamford, CT.  You may also not know that tickets are free.

In keeping with the theme, you may not know that a few years a go a few friends and I went to tapings.


springer springer2 wilkos

Where’s Waldo?

I hope this made you smile. 🙂  Almost hump day!!


5 thoughts on “Trashy TV star

  1. Oh. My. God…I’ve never even heard of the Steve Wilkos show, but that definitely made me smile. 🙂 (And I still like you…as long as you weren’t actually on stage.) lol!

    1. Definitely not on stage…there isn’t enough money in the world for that.
      It is very possible that the Steve Wilkos show no longer exists. I only heard about it when I went to the Springer taping and they invited us to come back for it.
      Thanks for not judging me 🙂

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